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Recruiting Veterans Can Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line — Here’s How to Do It

What are your company’s biggest goals right now — building out a core product, improving customer service, growing your cli...
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Why You Need a Veteran Recruitment Plan Now

Once a year on November 11th, most of us take some time to reflect on all that our military heroes have done...
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How VMware Recruits and Retains Military Veterans

While serving as a military police sergeant for the U.S. Army, Aaron Dumbrow was accustomed to higher-level officers paying att...
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Don't Let the Military Jargon Stop You

US Bank, Target Corporation, and UnitedHealth Group are just a few of the many US organizations that prioritize hiring veterans...
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5 Reasons You Should Care About Recruiting Veterans

“There are certain character traits many veterans possess, such as perseverance, discipline, stamina, ability to follow order...
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How to Hire Military Veterans

I noticed Jessica Miller-Merrell’s post last year on How To Recruit Veterans, and it got me thinking. I was raised in the...
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5 More Reasons To Recruit Veterans

I recently talked about how to recruit veterans and if you had a chance to read that post, you know that the number...
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How To Recruit Veterans

Between all U.S. military branches, there are almost 1.5 million Americans currently serving our country and nearly 250,000 of ...
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