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The All New Company Updates: Spring Refresh Your Content!

Company Updates just got a facelift! You might notice a slight change in how your Company Updates look when visiting the Glassdoor site and searching for your profile. These updates are a key element of your employer branding strategy, and we want to help you share your highlights in the easiest and most effective way possible.

Within the "Company Updates" section in the Employer Center, changes to note include:

  1. Additional preview functionality before posting
  2. Edit/delete applies to all profiles
  3. Larger image requirements (more detail on this below)
  4. New engagement tracking with the introduction of "read more" on truncated updates
  5. Note: you will no longer be able to pin your updates (more detail on this below)

With this redesigned feature, we are no longer allowing "pinning" for updates. We want to encourage you to share updated, relevant content to job seekers. It's a place to highlight new items and milestones to be proud of! This will ensure Company Updates maintain freshness when new posts are added, rather than providing the illusion of stale content when an older post is pinned to the top.

Going forward, we recommend using alternative ways within the profile to showcase updates that are often pinned within Company Updates (awards, company videos, WWWU, Crunchbase, etc.).

Give job seekers the exciting fresh updates about your company and get them excited about your organization!

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