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The Benefits of Bringing Your Dog to Work

When you see a dog, you can’t help but smile. Their joy for life is infectious. But it’s not just their cute mugs that make you feel that way: research shows that spending time with a canine companion can help relieve stress, boost your mood, and even reduce cholesterol.

It’s not surprising, then, that more and more companies are embracing pet-friendly policies. In 2016, seven percent of U.S. businesses allowed their employees to bring their dog to work, a five percent increase since 2012. And that number will only continue to rise, thanks in part to dog-loving millennials.

So what makes the potential carpet accidents and occasional scuffle worth it?

Stress Relief

There’s a scientific reason why dogs can make you feel better when you’re stressed or anxious. Petting a dog increases your levels of the stress-reducing hormone oxytocin and decreases your production of cortisol, the stress hormone.

In the workplace, dogs not only act as a stress buffer for their owners – they also make the job more satisfying for colleagues who interact with them.

Work-Life Balance

Dog-owning employees often find themselves rushing out the door at the end of the day to get home to their pet. Why make them choose between work and their fur baby?

Allowing dogs in the workplace eliminates that time crunch, making it easier for employees to stay late if they need to. Plus, having their dog with them at the office eliminates the guilt of leaving their dog home alone all day.


Another great side effect of employees taking a break to visit with their neighbor’s cute puppy: more opportunities for collaboration.

Dogs are irresistible ice breakers, paving the way for conversations that might otherwise not take place. A “communicative energizer," their presence in the office can help boost morale and cooperation and improve work relationships.

Employee Wellness

Sitting for hours on end at your desk is bad for your health. Taking small breaks throughout the day is a good way to combat long stretches of stillness and can help boost productivity.

Dogs at work encourage frequent, healthy breaks. Whether it’s a lunchtime walk or a moment of play, dogs help employees relax, reset their outlook, and return to work refreshed.

Retention & Recruiting

Turns out pet-friendly policies can also help companies attract talent. In a recent study from the Banfield Pet Hospital, two out of three HR decision makers said that potential candidates often inquire about pet policies in the application process.

And pet-friendly companies are more likely to retain talent: 82% of employees said they feel a greater loyalty to their company as a result of their company’s pet-friendly policy.

Ready to Bring Your Dog To Work?

If you’d like to welcome dogs in your workplace, but aren’t ready to commit to a pet-friendly policy, try it out for just one day with national Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Need inspiration? Last year, Glassdoor held a Pets at Work photo contest in honor of this “pawesome” holiday, asking companies and employees to share photos of their pets at the office. Check out the winners to see what a day with the dogs looks like.

To learn where pet-friendly offices fall in terms of appeal to potential candidates, download The Benefits Employees Want Most.