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The New Employer Center: How It Works

Glassdoor's new Employer's Center will help you take both hiring and your employer reputation to the next level. We heard you wanted to get around faster, have more control over your profile and jobs, and better access your Employer Center on-the-go, and that's exactly what the new Employer Center will help you do. 

If you're ready to get more from your profile on Glassdoor, let's dive into how it all works.

Get Started 

If you're new to Glassdoor, the first step is getting your profile created. You'll start with all your basic company info, including logo, cover photo or video, CEO and benefits. The next step is to customize your profile with formatted templates that tell visitors why they should work for you. This is where you showcase the many facets of your EVP using the five tabs available to you.  Here are some examples of tabs you might want to create:

  • At a Glance or About Us
  • Culture and Values
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Community Involvement
  • Office Location Name (e.g. Chicago Office)
  • Testimonials
  • Sales or Engineering (or other hard to fill roles for certain departments)
  • Graduate and Internship Opportunities
  • CEO letter
  • Upcoming events

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Make Use of all the Features

The new Glassdoor Employer's Center has a variety of features you can use to promote your business, connect with candidates, and much more. Here are some features to help you create a well-rounded profile.

  • Add targeted companies, to promote yourself on other company profiles that candidates may be browsing.
  • Invite employees who will be managing the profile. This ensures everyone involved is able to access the reviews, applications and insights.
  • Edit salaries so that all the data on your profile is up-to-date and accurate. You don't want an applicant referring to an outdated salary.
  • Create local profiles, allowing you to be active in the specific regions where you plan to hire from.

Connect With Your Community

The new Employer's Center is as focused on community engagement as it always has been. This is your chance to build a reputation that drives candidates to apply and turns current employees into advocates. 

The best way to engage is to respond to every review that's submitted-both good and bad, especially the latter. Make sure to highlight the one review that best speaks to how your company shines as the featured review. Whoever visits your profile won't need to dig to find the very best one. Instead, they'll see it right away, followed by the many other reviews that you've responded to already. 

To encourage engagement, invite current employees and recent interviewees to leave a review. You can send invitations directly from the Employer's Center, making it easy to manage and track. 

Another way to engage with your community is to share updates. This is one way to get candidates excited to work for your company. Post with company milestones, news stories, product releases, community service events, pictures of your employees and more. 

Take your posting one step further by adding photos and promoting them to specific local profiles. This allows you to be targeted and strategic with your posts, getting the most out of each noe. The benefit of taking time to post regularly includes potential for increased traffic and new applications-anyone who follows your company will receive an email alert.

Dig Into Analytics

This is perhaps one of the best features of the new Employer's Center. In this update, we've included analytics for Company Updates. This gives you access to metrics such as total updates, impressions, clicks, likes, engagement and country-level and update-level stats. When you know who's engaging with your posts and where they're from, you can hone in on which posts drive the most relevant and qualified potential applicants to your profile. 

In addition to this new feature, your analytics dashboard will also still provide insights on: 

  • Ratings
  • Page views
  • Followers
  • Clicks

If you're not sure where to start, we find that our most popular reports include:

  • Employer Profile Activity
  • Competitor Comparisons
  • Candidate Demographics
  • Rating Trends

We also make it easy to see important data at-a-glance, with quick access to Company Rating, CEO Approval, Page Views, and Followers. This will help you understand your job-seeker traction, which allows you to pivot and strategize accordingly. 

See for Yourself

All of these great features can be accessed from Home, where you'll find six cards to explore. Each is a launching point for key actions, like Community Contributions and Candidates. Conversely, the sidebar can be used to easily navigate between each card without having to return to Home. Plus, your entire command center is accessible via mobile for on-the-go management.

With improved features and many new options to expand your reach and up-level your recruiting and employer brand, the new Employer's Center is a tool that can't be missed.