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The Top 8 Company Profiles on Glassdoor

There’s no doubt about it: an authentic, well-defined employer brand is essential to recruiting and retaining quality talent in today’s fast-changing labor market.

That’s because a strong employer brand helps your company show candidates why they’d want to work for you and move them down the funnel. In fact, job seekers are 2x more likely to apply when a job includes employer branded content. (1)

So where can you start if you’re looking to focus on building up your employer brand in 2018? On Glassdoor, the answer is simple: make the most out of your employer profile with photos, company updates, awards, customized tabs, and review responses.

Looking for inspiration? Here are the top eight company profiles from 2017:

1. Salesforce

What we love:

  • The awards section (all those recognitions really pop out!)
  • How they use the “Why Work for Us?” section to showcase their Ohana spirit with videos, images and employee quotes
  • The “Our Locations” tab, making it easy for job seekers to find office locations worldwide

Did you know? The top five things job seekers take into account before accepting an offer are salary and compensation, career growth opportunities, work-life balance, location/commute, and company culture and values. (2)Salesforce

2. Panda Express

What we love:

  • Fun, people-focused visuals
  • Great graphics that walk interested job seekers through the company’s service team & kitchen staff career paths
  • Their video in the “Giving” section, highlighting their philanthropic arm, Panda Cares

Did you know? 75% of employees/job seekers expect their employer to support groups and individuals in need in the communities in which they do business through donations and/or volunteer efforts. (3)

Panda Express

3. Chipotle

What we love:

  • They post company updates regularly, using the feature to share employee stories, highlight perks, and publish company news
  • Their great use of video, including one on creating a career from scratch at Chipotle
  • Transparency about company growth and career progression

Did you know? 90% of job seekers find the employer perspective useful when learning about jobs and companies. (4)



4. Mars

What we love:

  • Their use of visuals throughout their profile, including graphics that help interested job seekers self-select the right division of the company to apply to
  • They have posted a great collection of office photos, showcasing their culture and people (from volunteer opportunities to wellness programs)

Did you know? 80% of organizations provide wellness resources and information, and 70% of organizations offer wellness programs. (5)Mars

5. Northside Hospital

What we love:

  • Their use of video – they’ve uploaded five inspiring, ~2 minute clips featuring interviews with nurses and doctors from different departments, showcasing their people!
  • Stellar choice of featured review (titled: Great Organization and Wonderful Family)
  • Descriptive “Why Work for Us” section highlighting company growth and mission which does a good job explaining to profile visitors what sets Northside apart

Did you know? Mission-driven companies have 30% higher levels of innovation and 40% higher levels of retention and they tend to be first or second in their market segment. (6)Northside Hospital

6. State Street

What we love:

  • Their focus on diversity and inclusion
  • The company also does a great job highlighting their employees’ work/life balance
  • Compelling “Why Work for Us” section that showcases their steady growth as a business
  • Stellar choice of featured review (titled Great career opportunities and growth potential)

Did you know? 85% of employees/job seekers expect their employer to support them in balancing their life between work and personal commitments.(7) Also, highly inclusive organizations generate 1.4X more revenue and are 120% more capable of meeting financial targets.(8)State Street

7. Red Lobster

What we love:

  • The playfulness of their company profile
  • Great cover photo and company updates (one of which discusses “Lobsterunity”)
  • Fun video featuring employees across all positions
  • “Why Work for Us” section does a good job at simplifying how to apply for which roles

Did you know? Boosting employee satisfaction by one Glassdoor rating point raises the market value of a company by 7.9%. (9)

Red Lobster

8. Greystone Healthcare Management

What we love:

  • Timely company updates (their holiday post shared four ways to stay healthy and maintain perspective through the holiday season)
  • Customized “Why Work for Us” section with a tab called “I am a Nurse” (written by their CEO, Connie Bessler) which shows she’s involved and cares about her people

Did you know? 75% of U.S. respondents believe that companies whose C-Suite executives and leadership team use social media to communicate about their core mission, brand values and purpose are more trustworthy. (10)

Greystone Healthcare

Looking for more inspiration?

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