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Top 10 Social Recruiters, Glassdoor Talent Warriors

Glassdoor is revealing the winners of this year’s Glassdoor Talent Warrior Awards, a list that recognizes the 10 most innovative social recruiters. The Glassdoor Talent Warrior Awards honor recruiting and HR industry leaders for excellence in social recruiting specific to hiring and promoting their company’s employment brand. The Talent Warriors were selected by Glassdoor’s Social Leaders Panel from among the more than 300 individuals who were nominated for the award.

Top 10 Social Recruiters, Glassdoor Talent Warriors (2013): (sorted alphabetically by last name) 

Arie Ball_1

Arie Ball (@Arie_Ball)

VP Talent Acquisition, Sodexo

“We need to continuously monitor technological innovations and make strategic decisions about how to implement new technologies into our recruitment (and social) strategy. This will be critical as we strive to stay ahead of the curve and maintain our competitive advantage in attracting top diverse talent.”

Carrie Corbin_1

Carrie Corbin (@thealphafemme)

Associate Director, Talent Attraction, AT&T

“We do our organizations and candidates a disservice if we focus on things like social media for the sake of being ‘social’ or ‘cool.’ The real opportunity here is creatively using technology to continue to ensure we are getting our brand message in front of the candidates – wherever they may be. To that end, social recruiting is as much (or more) about employment branding as it is the act of recruiting.”


Carolyn Eiseman (@carolynteiseman)

Director, Employer Brand, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

“Show the candidate the employment experience and company culture, engage employees and support them in success, and share the stories they choose to share on social.”

Steve Fogarty_1

Steve Fogarty (@fogarty_stephen) 

Sr. Manager, Employer Branding & Digital Recruiting, Adidas Group

“My perspective is that it's not about the platform it's about the experiences we create for our talent.  Platforms will change, how we do campaigns will continue to evolve, integration of social into just about every technology around us will be common place, but the human need to be treated well… is universal.”

Chris Hoyt_1

Chris Hoyt (@TheRecruiterGuy)

Global Talent Engagement & Marketing Leader, Pepsico

“Good recruiting has always been 'social' by definition…Using centralized tools and tracking our activity closely, we can maximize the impact we have in the social space.”

Jeremy Langhans_1

Jeremy Langhans (@jer425)

Manager, Global Talent Acquisition, Expedia

“It's the way people expect the world to work. It's putting the human element back in.  It's leveling the playing field.”

Chrystal Moore_1

Chrystal Moore (@RecruitMoore) 

Senior Recruiter, Philips Healthcare

“[Don’t] be afraid to try something new and be open to look for a new pool to take a dip in.”


Shannon Smedstad (@shannonsmedstad)

HR Social Media & Employer Brand Leader, GEICO

“It’s important, as an employer, to listen, educate and be helpful.”

Melissa Smith_1

Melissa Smith (@MelissaSmithPGR)

Candidate Developer, Progressive Insurance

“Sourcing candidates through social media is the future of recruiting and it’s here now.  Today’s job seeker – active or passive – wants to make a connection with the person on the other side of the communication.  The job search process is more emotional than it’s been in the past.”

Will Staney_1

Will Staney (@willstaney)

Director of Recruiting, SuccessFactors

“The future of social recruiting will entail leaving out the word "social.” Recruiting has always been a social job. Just like all other communication platforms (phone, fax machines, etc.) online communication and the technology behind it has advanced and thus so will recruiting alongside of it.”


To be considered for the Talent Warrior Awards, individuals were first nominated by peers or themselves. Once nominated, individuals were then asked to share their strategy and perspective on the future of social recruiting. Finally, nominees were evaluated based on their level of social engagement as well as their company’s reputation among employees and job candidates on Glassdoor. In determining the winners, the Glassdoor Social Leaders Panel took into account each nominees’ approach to social recruiting and how they, and if applicable their team, effectively leveraged social media to promote their company’s reputation and hire top talent.

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