Video: Recruiting Informed Candidates
Video: Recruiting Informed Candidates

Video: Recruiting Informed Candidates

Here’s an inside look into what industry leaders think about informed candidates – and why they are one and the same with quality candidates. They’ll also share quick tips on what you should be doing to attract these informed candidates, and how to get them onboard with your company.

How to Hire the Right People

Hiring the right people is easier said than done. In fact, 98% of job seekers are eliminated at the initial screening, with only the top 2% of candidates making it to the interview.(1)

So how can you find your next hire faster – and for less? It comes down to starting with a talent pool of well-researched job seekers who are already engaged with your company: informed candidates.

Our new eBook, How to Recruit Informed Candidates at Scale, walks you through how to recruit informed candidates on Glassdoor, including:

  1. Writing job descriptions that attract informed candidates
  2. Tips for building your most effective employer profile
  3. Best practices for interviewing informed candidates

Informed candidates make your recruiting process more efficient and result in more productive and engaged employees. To attract more of these quality candidates, satisfy their thirst for information by giving them the details they need on Glassdoor.

Your best-in-class Glassdoor profile, engaging job descriptions, smart interview questions, and a smooth interview process will help you identify and hire these top candidates. Finally, keeping track of Glassdoor metrics will help you optimize your talent acquisition strategies.

(1) Workopolis, Nov. 2016