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Ready for Some Team Bonding? Introducing WFH BINGO with a Theme for Everyone

Each and every person on your team is dealing with stress of some kind or another right now. That statement is likely to be true even without a global pandemic affecting nearly every aspect of life, but it's even more profound in our current reality. And while there are many points of overlap among the types of stress we're all encountering on a daily basis, every single person's experience is different for a variety of factors, which is why we created a BINGO card for everyone.

Because, seriously, where would we be without humor right now? Thankfully - in that space where we're not actively entertaining feelings of existential dread or suffering from angst and overwhelm - levity has taken a starring role. It allows us to laugh at the ridiculousness of our situations, decompress from the constant barrage of hardships, and nurture hope that the challenges we face today are only temporary.

So when you're ready for some fun team bonding or a little bit of employee engagement, have your team members choose from the following BINGO cards, and have the game going in the background on any given weekday. First team member to achieve B-I-N-G-O gets to call it a day an hour early (or whatever virtual prize you come up with together).

Working From Home & Homeschooling Kids

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Working From Home & Living Alone

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Working From Home With a Baby

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Working From Home With a Pet

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Working From Home With a Roommate

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