What Do Beer, Bubbles and Fleece Have to Do with HR?

In the race to become more sustainable, companies are now adopting plans to reduce emissions, use more recycled goods, and provide assistance to communities in need. But some companies have sustainable values at their root—and that includes their approach to human resources and company transparency. After all, people are happier when they know they’re helping the world: a SHRM study showed that morale was 55% better in companies with strong sustainability programs, compared to those with poor ones, and employee loyalty was 38% better.

One group of companies that have successfully integrated both people- and product-focused sustainable values have applied for and achieved B Corporation certification.To become a certified B Corporation, organizations must complete an impact assessment that includes scoring on the company’s impact to the environment, workers, customers, community, and governance practices. Measures related to human resources include compensation, benefits & training, worker ownership, and work environment as well as community diversity and job creation. Demonstrating transparency, participating companies receive a report card that compares their scores to the average. With a tagline of “people using business as a force for good,” B Corporation companies take a “Declaration of Interdependence.”

Here’s a look at how 3 companies have demonstrated their commitment to sustainability in their products and for their employees.


Environmentalism is at the root of Patagonia’s purpose of creating outdoor gear and apparel, including its famous fleece—now made with recycled polyester and Fair Trade Certified sewing. On Glassdoor, its mission to “Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis” entices job seekers with similar values. And it works. One reviewer writes, “The company really holds fast to their mission of sustainability. It’s part of everything they do. Do a great job of hiring people that share that goal.” In addition to a solid benefits package, the company backs up their environmental values with creative perks: according to a Glassdoor benefits review, employees get reimbursed for taking alternative transportation to and from work.

Method Products

Method Products, otherwise known as People Against Dirty (PAD), manufactures Method and Ecover brand cleaning products. Its soaps and detergents are made with biodegradable ingredients and come in packaging made from recycled plastic. As one of the founding members of the B Corps movement, Method baked doing good into their mission statement, which ends, “We are small, but we have big plans to make the world a cleaner, greener, more colorful place. And we invite everyone to join us as we pioneer a future where doing business is doing good for all.”

On the Glassdoor company updates page, Method announced its celebration of its 2017 B Corp score and posted a video about the difference the Chicago factory made in the community. The factory is the only Platinum LEED–certified factory in its industry, uses ample natural light and houses the world’s largest greenhouse on its roof, owned and operated by Gotham Greens.  An employee reviewer writes, “We are on a very big mission that is inspiring + motivating, a huge part of our employee satisfaction.”

New Belgium Brewing

Even as a beer company, New Belgium Brewing has environmental values as its core—the idea for the company was conceived on a brewery-to-brewery bicycle trip through Belgium. With a bike as its logo, New Belgium’s most famous brew is Fat Tire, and employees receive a cruiser bike on their first anniversary with the company. The company strives to source sustainable ingredients, reduce emissions, and donates a portion of profits to charity. Its B Cops page reads, “New Belgium knows that we are profitable, not in spite of our social and environmental efforts, but because of them.”

In addition to great health and wellness benefits, New Belgium employees receive an hour of PTO for every 2 hours volunteering.  Every summer the company hosts a Bike-in Cinema on its front lawn for the community, donating proceeds from beer sales to local non-profits. A Glassdoor reviewerwrites, “Great people, great ethos, excellent benefits, 100% employee ownership, reasonable salaries, and a deep, sincere commitment to being a positive force in the world. Honest belief in the ‘team’. We all contribute to, and have a stake in, the whole.”

If you haven’t yet demonstrated your company’s commitment to sustainable values on your Glassdoor page, start today by updating your company profile and taking the Social Responsibility Pledge or the Pledge to Thrive. Candidates can view these pledges in the Benefits section of your Glassdoor Profile. Log in to your Employer Account today and follow these instructions to show candidates how much your company cares.