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What to Consider Before Hiring Temporary Employees

Are you thinking about hiring temporary employees as a short-term solution for business staffing? Temporary workers can be a great way to get the employees you need quickly and easily. However, before you decide to hire a temp, there are some pros and cons to consider.Pros

  • You can easily find highly specialized workers. Today, temporary employees are more than just administrative assistants. You can hire IT employees, mechanics, accountants and even C-level employees on a temporary basis. Small businesses often struggle to attract job candidates with in-demand specialties, but a reputable temporary agency won't have this difficulty.
  • There's less paperwork to worry about. The temporary agency will handle all the tax, payroll and paperwork concerns, so there is less red tape for you to deal with.
  • You eliminate the hassles of recruiting. Creating and placing advertisements for jobs, then weeding through resumes and setting up interviews takes time that most small business owners don't have. A temporary agency handles this step and pre-screens workers, saving you time and energy.
  • You may save money: You won't have to provide benefits for temporary workers, so you will save money compared to the cost of a full-time employee with benefits. However, if you're hiring a temp to fill an hourly job with no benefits, you may actually pay a bit more because you are paying a fee to the agency. In any case, weigh the costs of the temp against the value of what you are getting.


  • You will still need to provide training. Although temporary workers are knowledgeable in their industry, they will still require time to get up to speed on how your business operates and the particular duties of the job. Don't expect a temporary worker to be effective at the job from day one-like any employee, he or she will need some time to get settled in.
  • Temporary workers can be unreliable. If a temp doesn't like what you have to offer, he or she may not show up for work on day two. Working with a reputable temporary agency that you are familiar with and that has a large number of employees with the skills you're seeking is the best way to protect against "flaky" temps. Many agencies promise they can replace a temp within 24 hours; make sure yours offers this guarantee.
  • Temps can affect office bonding. Your permanent employees may be less likely to work well with temps, viewing them as, well, temporary. This can affect team spirit and energy. For best results, impress on your employees the importance of welcoming temps into the company and giving them the help they need.

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  • Temps are a "temporary" solution. If you frequently use temps, you can likely save a lot of money and hassle by hiring part-time or contract workers instead. These folks over time will need less training as they adapt to your corporate culture.