What You Can Measure on Glassdoor

With a Glassdoor Free Employer Account, you gain access to a fountain of analytics, intelligence and trends in your Employer Center.

Curious to know which tools you could be taking advantage of? Here’s what you can measure on Glassdoor:

1. Your employer brand and reputation.

Manage your employer brand and reputation on Glassdoor by monitoring the number of people who view your company’s Glassdoor profile each month, the number of people following your company, your company’s overall rating, and your company’s CEO approval rating.

What you can measure on Glassdoor

2. Company ratings.

Delve deeper into the analytics of your company ratings with your Glassdoor Employer Center. Examine rating trends, by job title and categories such as overall culture and values, work-life balance, and senior management.

What you can measure on Glassdoor
3. Employee reviews – pros and cons.

In the Glassdoor Employer Center, you can see the most commonly used keywords in your company’s reviews, both negative and positive:

What you can measure on Glassdoor

4. Your competitor comparisons.

Check out how your company compares with its competitors in respect to total pageviews, number of reviews, overall rating, CEO approval rating, and more.

What you can measure on Glassdoor

5. Your jobs.

Manage your jobs on Glassdoor. With our analytics, you can see how your sponsored jobs are performing as well as the top job clicks by location and job title:

What you can measure on Glassdoor

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