What You Missed At Glassdoor’s Executive Event: A Modern Recruiter’s Toolkit

Recently, several of the Bay Area’s top HR, talent acquisition, employment branding, and recruitment marketing leaders from companies like Ghirardelli, Twitter, and United Airlines met at a Glassdoor hosted event to talk about how companies are overcoming today’s recruiting challenges. During a morning seminar at the Four Seasons San Francisco, a lively discussion took place around why transparency in the workforce is the new reality, employment branding best practices, and new methods to attract and retain top talent.

Here is a recap of the insights you missed at the seminar titled, “BRAND, RECRUIT, HIRE:  A Modern Recruiter’s Toolkit.”

Insight #1: Embrace Transparency, Empower People

Glassdoor CEO & Founder Robert Hohman kicked off the morning by sharing the company’s mission and vision – to help people find the jobs and companies they love. Glassdoor co-founders (including Rich Barton and Tim Besse) have a rich history of using transparency to disrupt an industry by providing information to the masses that was previously known by only a select few. They did it first in travel with Expedia making travel information more accessible to the buyer, and Barton went on to do it again in real estate with Zillow.

It was only natural that they identified an opportunity where transparency was needed: employment. Hohman asserted that many of us can agree that choosing where to work and what you should be paid for that work is  one of the most important decisions of your life. Hohman noted that in the five short years Glassdoor has been around, it is proving that employment transparency works as the community of 20 million members and thousands of employers are continually working together to share valuable information on jobs and companies.  Hohman conveyed that with transparency, job seekers are empowered to make more information job decisions and employers are empowered with better tools to reach ideal candidates.

Insight #2: Do your homework and get creative to influence, recruit & engage top talent

Jeanette Ercila, the talent attraction director for a large well-known retailer shared guerilla marketing tactics her company used during a concentrated effort to get software engineers to even consider her company as an employment option when hundreds of other tech giants and startups are top of mind.

Ercila shared how they turned to air washing city sidewalks near popular metro transportation stops, sponsoring food trucks in the backyards of talent competitors, and advertising at movie theaters in key metro areas to implement a unique recruitment marketing strategy. Concurrently, the company ran a targeted online recruitment campaign across both Glassdoor’s desktop and mobile platforms, and promoted open positions using Spotlight Ads which featured the company and its key jobs throughout the site and on talent competitor’s profile pages.

Insight #3: Be authentic in telling your Employment Brand Story

Michelle Smith, a talent acquisition senior manager at Riverbed Technologies, shared employment brand strategies to attract, hire, and retain top talent. Michelle highlighted the importance of authenticity in developing a brand message since job seekers will find out the truth, one way or another. She also encouraged companies to turn their own employees into their biggest brand advocates. “These are your fans,” she stressed. “Make them your ‘Fandidates!”.  It may seem Smith’s employee engagement efforts paid off – Riverbed was named one of Glassdoor’s 2013 Best Places to Work, a unique award as it’s based entirely on anonymous employee feedback.

Insight #4: Be recruitment cost savvy  

Glassdoor Talent Solutions General Manager, Steve Roop, closed out the morning by sharing a case study on how Informatica, a Bay Area company with more than 2,600 employees and an international workforce, has successfully used Glassdoor to lower its cost-per-hire to $3,100 on key technical positions – down from $10-15,000. The point being, explore and understand how your recruiting channels really work for you in terms of cost, customization and impact.

Roop’s talk also included a demo showing how Informatica is using Glassdoor’s Talent Solutions, which includes Enhanced Profiles and JobsAds. He also walked the audience through the Glassdoor Employer Center – a self-service portal in part designed to help employers analyze company brand awareness, reputation and job candidate engagement.

Want to see what types of reputation analytics Glassdoor has for your company? Start with a Free Employer Account in order to access your company’s Employer Center.  Learn more about the power of employment branding by visiting Glassdoor webinars.