Who Needs a Glassdoor Free Employer Account?|Who Needs a Glassdoor Free Employer Account?

Who Needs a Glassdoor Free Employer Account?

Ready to take charge of your reputation on Glassdoor in pursuit of more qualified talent? A Glassdoor Free Employer Account is your gateway to monitoring your employer brand, responding to company reviews with the "employer perspective" and seeing who is visiting your profile. 

From an organizational perspective, almost everyone-Marketing, PR, HR, Recruiting and the C-Suite-has a stake in how your company is perceived, such as your CEO's rating, your company rating and your brand awareness with job candidates.

Other teams, however, have more specific responsibilities, such as bringing life to your company profile by adding workplace photos, checking how you stack up against competitors or tracking how your job postings are performing. Here's a short list of key responsibilities by department:


As head of your employer brand, your executive leader helps instill and define your workplace culture. Having your CEO respond directly to Glassdoor reviews on behalf of the organization can build serious trust with job candidates researching your company.

Human Resources and Public Relations

Correcting and updating important company details like your mission, company description and even something as simple as your business address on your Glassdoor profile should be Day 1 priorities for HR as well as their Public Relations brethren. Adding photos to your Glassdoor profile to give job seekers an inside look at your organization is another best practice, and gives potential candidates an inside look at what it's like to work there.


What are the most frequently viewed job titles on Glassdoor? What is the demographic landscape of job seekers viewing them? Checking the analytics dashboard in Glassdoor can help talent acquisition professionals refine both their job advertising and overall recruiting strategies.


Exploring Glassdoor analytics (e.g., ratings and profile visits over time) can give marketers, product marketers and employer branding specialists deep insight into company awareness, help establish benchmarks against competitors and make the internal case to invest in or expand employer branding initiatives.

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In short, a Glassdoor Free Employer Account is beneficial to everyone at your organization. Sign up for yours now! Then invite colleagues to join the cross-functional conversation and exercises.