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Why Glassdoor Candidates are Quality Candidates

It’s no secret that finding the right candidate for your company and role is a daunting task. 76% of hiring decision-makers say attracting quality candidates is their number one challenge. (1) And prepping the right interview questions to suss out quality is only one part of the challenge. The good news is you don’t have to look very far to find quality. Glassdoor candidates are easily top-notch, and here are seven reasons why. 

They’re actively looking for work. 

You’ll have a huge pool of eager candidates to choose from. Over 60 million unique users visit Glassdoor monthly. (2) And the majority of these users (83%) are actively looking for a new job or would consider better opportunities. (3) It’s the number one reason why they visit our site. (3) To top it all off, more people are applying for jobs on Glassdoor than ever before: 24% more year-over-year have started their application process on Glassdoor. (4) 

They’re extremely qualified. 

92% of Glassdoor users are university educated. (4) And for a vast majority, it’s also not their first rodeo. 85% are non-entry level (more than one year of experience), and 19% have more than 11+ years of experience. (4)

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They’re highly informed. 

Job seekers on Glassdoor are also highly engaged, well-researched and apply thoughtfully. They want more information than the job description can provide. Nearly 60% of job seekers always or often look for more information about a company after reading a job description. (5) If deciding on where to apply for a job, 86% of them are likely to research company reviews and ratings to ensure that they find the best fit possible. (5)

They get hired faster. 

It takes half the resumes to make a hire on Glassdoor. (6) One of the reasons for this is because they’re thoughtful about the jobs they apply to, instead of shotgunning applications. And because they do their homework, they’ve already checked that your company and role meets their expectations before clicking ‘Apply’ — so you can sift through fewer unqualified applications to find the right person. 

They stay at your company longer. 

Who wants to spend time finding the right candidate only to have them leave shortly after they’re hired, forcing you to go through the whole process all over again? Not to mention those turnover costs are steep. Hires who use Glassdoor have a 30% greater retention rate. (7)

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They’re a diverse mix of people. 

These days most companies know how important diversity is — after all, diversity can boost innovation, productivity and even financial performance. So it’s good to know that Glassdoor users are a mix of ages, ethnic backgrounds and genders. It’s pretty split down the middle in terms of gender: 52% male, 48% female. (2) A little under half (43%) are minorities. (3) And with 16% between 18-24 years old, 42% between 25-34 years old and 19% between 35-44, the age of Glassdoor users runs the gamut. (2)

They’re unique to Glassdoor. 

On average, 50% of US Glassdoor users don’t visit LinkedIn or Indeed. (8) And even more, 88% on average don’t visit Monster, CareerBuilder or ZipRecruiter. (8) This means you’re reaching an audience that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, and you’re dealing with less competition for your job ads. 

Finding quality candidates is a challenging task, and it’s essential to the success of your business. But it shouldn’t feel like you’re searching for a needle in the haystack. If you’re considering posting a job on Glassdoor, know that you’ll find a lot of high-caliber and hungry candidates who want to learn more about and potentially work for you. 


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