Why You Need to Consider Gen Z Now|Why You Need to Consider Gen Z Now

Why You Need to Consider Gen Z Now

The moment your recruiting team cracks the code to successfully recruit Millennials, along comes a new candidate pool to worry about: Gen Z. With the first members of this generation graduating in the next two years, now’s the time for your company to adapt its search and recruiting efforts to welcome and target this audience, ideally with the same proactive urgency Millennials demanded.

Who is Gen Z?

Born between 1994 and 2010, Gen Z is the generation right after Millennials. They’re the most diverse generation in America, 20 million strong and make up 25% of the population.

Why you should hire Gen Z

They’re tech savvy. Never having known a world without tech devices, the Internet and social media, Gen Z is the most technologically advanced generation ever—playing on smart phones (the iPhone debuted in 2007), shopping online and using Snapchat to communicate as everyday birthrights. Naturally, Gen Z will express this passion for new technologies in their careers and help bring your company up to speed on digital innovation, integration between social media and business, and creative technical solutions.

They’re mini entrepreneurs. Members of Gen Z dream of starting their own businesses one day and running the show. After all, they grew up in an age of social media sensations and bloggers hitting it big. “If others can do it, why not me?” This entrepreneurial mindset—and an inherent confidence they can conquer anything—will lead to innovation in the workplace and drive your business to new heights.

How do you recruit Gen Z?

Because Gen Z-ers have high expectations and are entrepreneurially inclined, it can be hard to recruit them and even harder to keep them at your organization long-term. To hook them early and keep them entertained, i.e., engaged, here are four aspects of working life you should spotlight during the hiring process.

Long-term growth. Gen Z isn’t as motivated by money as they are by long-term growth and new opportunities. This starts from day one—they want strong mentors willing to meet in person and put in the time. They also want to be a part of a resilient, collaborative team. When recruiting Gen Z, reference these dynamics to help them envision how they can individually impact your organization and grow from within.

Tough projects. Gen Z grew up seeing the Big Picture (and end results) by working on collaborative school projects, not one-off homework assignments. Similarly, in the workforce, Gen Z candidates want to hear about Big Projects they will get to be a part of as opposed to individual, daily tasks. To hook them, spotlight long-term projects they will get to collaborate on with teammates.

Transparency. Gen Z has grown up seeing older peers and siblings love their jobs. To win over these candidates, be honest about job expectations, career growth, and salary and benefits. Be transparent about what the interview process looks like as well. Straightforwardness is your best bet to recruit Gen Z!

Technology. New technologies drive Gen Z, so your hiring process needs to keep up, too. From ensuring your ATS is mobile optimized for easy-apply to creating recruiting videos to showcase your fun culture and perks, it’s important to keep thinking ahead. A traditional job posting and 30-minute phone screen followed by weeks of interviews won’t cut it anymore.

Gen Z-ers spend much of their day using social media applications designed to make their lives easier. Promoting your employer brand across social channels, devices and platforms will influence these tech-savvy candidates, raising your awareness and showing them why they should work for you.

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