Why You Need to Prioritize Diversity|Why You Need to Prioritize Diversity

Companies Prioritizing Diversity on Glassdoor

What's your current diversity strategy at work? Diversity isn't just about complying with laws, but rather including all employees from various backgrounds and making your workplace an inclusive and fun place for all. Rather than a burden for the workplace, we believe diversity initiatives should be embraced.

No matter the size of your company, making diversity a priority is a fundamental step toward becoming a recruiting and branding powerhouse. More than ever, candidates are specifically interested in companies that make diversity a priority and encourage individuals to succeed and prosper together.

To inspire your own efforts, we've compiled a list of companies that make diversity initiatives a part of their Glassdoor strategy.

1. Dell. Dell has made significant growth in giving minorities and underrepresented groups an opportunity to grow. They support women in leadership, veterans, remote workers and younger employees-the list goes on. In implementing formal strategies and programs, they are building "a diverse pipeline for its future."

Dell's diversity programs inject fresh thinking into their social strategy, and they share these initiatives with employees and prospective candidates on their Glassdoor profile. They not only take advantage of the "Why Work For Us" section with an "Inclusion" tab, but also provide videos for employees and candidates to explore.

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2. St. Jude Children's Hospital. St. Jude celebrates diversity on their team, attributing much of their medical and research success to the variety of backgrounds of their scientific, healthcare and business support professionals working toward the "promise of hope." St. Jude appreciates those differences and uses their mission for diversity to propel their recruitment efforts.

According to a Glassdoor survey from July 2014, 67% of active and passive job seekers say that when they're evaluating companies and job offers, it is important that the company has a diverse workforce. By St. Jude adding the Diversity and Military tabs to the "Why Work For Us" section in their Glassdoor profile, they attract high quality candidates from diverse walks of life.


3. McGraw Hill. McGraw Hill is committed to diversity as a core value in their workplace, as well as to providing opportunities for advancement in the education of young children. In celebrating all employee backgrounds, they promote a unique vision for learning that in turn motivates students to thrive.

Recently, McGraw Hill established a Youth Writing Scholarship Contest that supports the Diverse Minds Youth Writing Challenge. The competition encourages students "to expand their creative wings and respect diversity."

Glassdoor believes it's wise to share this active involvement to potential candidates and employees. On a Glassdoor profile, use the Company Updates feature to describe the programs you are proud to represent.

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4. Clorox. Clorox continues to be dedicated to women in the workplace. In 2015, they were recognized as the third best place for women and diverse managers to work, according to Diversity MBA magazine. Leverage the recognition by sharing these awards and accomplishments with followers of your company, a great way to boost your company's profile.

When applicants consider a role, they will likely compare the diversity initiatives at your company to your competition. Use your Glassdoor profile to make your strengths known and publicize third party awards to further establish your company brand as a respectful and diverse community.

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5. Lyft. Lyft is proud to support gender diversity in the workplace as well. In fact, 14 out of their top 30 executives are female. According to a July 2014 Glassdoor survey, 41% believe their company lacks a diverse executive team. This statistic makes Lyft's efforts for diversity that much more noteworthy. Lyft believes "gender diversity in decision making is critical to the company's experience-based growth strategy."

Lyft's gender diversity at the executive level is a rare find. If your company has comparable diversity, make it known! Job seekers want to see that your company values differences and is promoting women in executive roles.

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6. Allstate. It's important to cater your recruiting efforts to a diverse group of people. In other words, don't just think about attracting only one type of candidate! When your company is inclusive of individuals from all walks of life, you'll have more thought-provoking conversations and make well-rounded business decisions.

Allstate was recently recognized as both the Top LGBT-Friendly Company and Top Diversity Employer. Use features like Glassdoor Company Updates and the photo section on your Glassdoor profile to show candidates your dedication to causes like these.

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7. Opower. Last year, the Opower team participated in the San Francisco Pride parade supporting gay rights. They shared their experience through Company Updates on their Glassdoor profile for their followers and employees to enjoy. According to a 2014 Glassdoor survey, more than half (57%) of employees believe their company should be doing more to increase diversity among its workforce.

If your company participates in community diversity programs, showcase it! Take the time to participate in worthy causes with your employees and let it be known where your organization stands. Being involved is great, but candidates want to see your involvement, too.

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Diversity matters!

Make employees proud to represent your company and encourage quality candidates to hop on board by showcasing your diversity initiatives. The seven companies spotlighted here have taken their diversity initiatives to the next level; you can too.

We've made it simple to build out your Glassdoor profile to share what matters most. Whether it's important Company Updates, expanding your "Why Work For Us" section, or posting photos and videos, you're bound to attract top quality candidates and improve your company brand by implementing these tips.