Why You Should Hire More Freelance Workers|Why You Should Hire More Freelance Workers

Why You Should Hire More Freelance Workers

Sometimes a full-time salaried hire is not the best choice for an open role. Hiring a freelance contractor may be a better choice for short-term or part-time project. Or, you might have a specific need in which the best person for the role simply refuses the trappings that come with a salary.

Here’s why freelancing is the preferred choice for many top workers, and the benefits of hiring these skilled employees:

Freelance work allows them to do many different things

People who chose to freelance often have many interests and refuse to be pigeonholed. They might enjoy working for an online advertising platform one week and a consumer brand the next, expanding their skillset as they go and synthesizing lessons learned from all their projects.

Benefit of hiring them: Workers with many interests and varied skill sets can bring a fresh perspective to stalled projects. If they’ve worked inside many different companies, they’re adaptable, allowing them to fit in as much as needed to get the job done. They generally avoid office politics.

Freelance work fits a lifestyle choice

Whether it’s travel, childrearing, family care, or a time-consuming passion project, many workers who chose to freelance have a reason to want to limit their time spent on the job. Or they may simply be in a life transition such as divorce or an empty nest and want to avoid a long-term commitment while they sort things out.

Benefit of hiring them: Workers with a side goal are generally happier because they’re grateful they can make a living while pursuing other goals. They see work as a means to an end, and show up ready to contribute and get the job done in the time allotted.

Specialized skills for short term initiatives

A contractor might have a highly specialized skill such as software architecture, large scale event planning, or have a reputation as a turnaround specialist. This person might enjoy coming in and setting things up to succeed, and then going on to do it again somewhere else.

Benefit of hiring them: Proven expertise cannot be argued with. These workers have the know-how gained from years of experience and desire to lead projects to successful completion.

Freelancing as a way to contribute

There’s a rare breed of contractors often found in Silicon Valley – those who don’t need to work. Many of these people were some of the first employees at technology companies that went public or were bought out by larger firms. Others have spouses with large incomes. These freelancers pick and choose projects based on what they find compelling, whether it’s the company mission, the team, or the upside potential to contribute to their own wealth.

Benefit of hiring them: Bringing on a contractor with the wisdom of experience gained from a successful “out” can help take your company to the next level. These workers offer perspective and guidance that could not be gained from anyone else.

Workers who chose to freelance on-site are just as concerned with corporate culture as those applying for regular jobs and may spend some time researching your company by reading reviews on Glassdoor. Even if they only stay short-term, they want to know what to expect when they show up for a meeting. If you haven’t yet claimed your Free Employer Account, read 9 Things to do with a Glassdoor Free Employer Account to get started.