Top 5 Behavioral Interview Questions to Ask in 2018

As an employer, there's no right way to host a job interview. But you can ask each candidate the right questions to learn the most important things about them. Learning what makes a person qualified to work for you is difficult, especially if you have just a half-hour interview with them in a conference room. Because of […]

9 Questions to Uncover Candidate Motivations & Preferences

Uncovering candidate motivations, expectations and work-life preferences such as geographical and commuting predilections are just a few of the topics covered in this month’s must-ask interview questions. Provided by Larry E. Eason, President, JRL Executive Recruiters & V.P. JRL Engineering Consortium Ltd., we explore nine of the questions he has employed throughout his 36-year executive search […]

4 Tips for a Flawless Interview Day

The interview may very well be the most critical part of the hiring process. While the goal is to find the best possible fit for the position and your company, the interview process is also a chance for you to communicate about your employer brand. And the interview is often where your candidate forms a […]

4 Must-Ask Interview Questions for October

In a follow-up interview with Dina Harding, Executive + Technical Recruiter and Search Firm Owner at Maven Quest®, she delves into the how and why complexities of interview questioning. She also provides bonus best-practice insights that can help anyone involved in the hiring and interviewing process hone their Q&A chops. To begin, four interview questions […]

Video Killed The Phone Interview

Advances in technology and a continuing mindset of doing more with less has ushered in a new weapon in the interviewing process: the video interview. 

4 Top Companies on Building a Great Candidate Experience

The interview experience is part of your employer brand as much as the employee experience. And while only a fraction of interviewed candidates will receive an offer, they may become customers, vendors, partners or even future employees in another role or location. Not only that, interviewees may share their interview experience through word of mouth, […]

How to Conduct Virtual Interviews

Virtual interviews conducted by video conferencing have become more common - and not just for initial screening. From saving money on travel or accommodating asynchronous schedules to protecting the health of employees and communities during peak flu season, conducting highly effective virtual interviews can be a boon for both employers and candidates. The key is […]

The Pros and Cons of a Panel Interview

When you first embark on interviewing a series of potential candidates, the panel interview is quite appealing. Get all the important company representatives in a room to consider each candidate, then move successful candidates through the process without scheduling a bunch of extra meetings.  Two birds, one stone, right?  Except that, much like any hiring […]

5 Interview Questions to Get Quality Candidates in the Pipeline ASAP!

When your company is growing and growing fast, you don’t always get as much time as you’d like to find and vet prospective hires. Instead of a warm and unhurried half-hour conversation, sometimes you’ll need to find out if a candidate’s a good fit with five interview questions or less. Does that mean that when […]