4 Tips for Conducting an Effective Behavioral Interview

The interview process is where you have the most control over who fills your employee roster. Behavioral-based interviewing is a technique used by many companies to find out more about a candidate’s skills, attitudes and values. Behavioral interview questions seek to predict a candidate’s suitability for a role based on their behavior in past jobs. […]

7 Things Interview Trends Reports Can Teach You About Your Candidate Experience

While there’s no such thing as the perfect interview, the winners of our 2017 Candidates’ Choice Award for Best Places to Interview get pretty darn close. These 100 U.S. and 50 U.K. large employers have cracked the code on providing an interview process that’s downright delightful. How do we know? Candidates who’ve interviewed at these […]

7 of the Best Situational Interview Questions

In an interview, let's say I asked you, "Tell me about a time you worked through a conflict with a coworker?" You'd probably think about a past experience, consider the lessons you learned from it, and articulate what happened and how it felt. You'd likely mention any shortcomings you had, how you've grown, and how […]

13 Must-Ask Exit Interview Questions

One of the best ways to get honest feedback is to ask employees who no longer rely on you for their livelihood. Employee exit interviews can reveal powerful insights that you wouldn't have access to otherwise. You can conduct exit interviews face-to-face, build an exit interview form or exit interview template using a service like Survey […]

6 Must-Ask Interview Questions for September

Meaningful interview questions, like a gourmet birthday cake, are layered with flavorful sub-questions and ingredients that combine to provide a richer outcome. In other words, delving into the candidate’s mindset, energy level, achievements history, etc. and then connecting the dots as to how the candidate specifically will help solve the company’s problems is imperative for […]

Interview Questions That Uncover Who A Candidate *Really* Is

This month’s must-ask interview questions derive from a social media native who also is an engaging and tech-savvy recruiter. Ed Han, Talent Acquisition Geek, JobSeeker Ally, Wordsmith and Job-Hunt.org contributor, imbues July’s column with his knack for connecting the dots for culture as well as skill fit.   Not only does he reach deep into the […]

11 Interview Questions Facebook Asks & You Should Too

In 2011 and 2013 Facebook came in at #1 on Glassdoor's Best Places to Work list. And that wasn't the first time - the social media giant has made the list handily every year. With incredible employee perks, top-notch salaries, and stellar career opportunities, applicants are practically beating down the door for an interview with […]

11 Must-Ask Behavioral Interview Questions

Behavioral interviewing uses strategically composed questions to generate word pictures of how a candidate’s past performance supports a hiring company’s future needs. Focusing in on both hard and soft skills, the questions drill down into several layers of a job seeker’s value proposition, unearthing interview gold.

7 Interview Mistakes That Scare Away Top Talent

Employers may think they hold all the cards when it comes to interviewing job candidates, but they too can do things that will scare off would-be workers. That may not matter if it’s a low-level position the company is seeking to fill, but if its top talent the company is after, then interviewers have to tread carefully […]