How Non-Tech Companies Can Hire Tech Talent

You’ve likely heard this one before: In this day and age, all companies are tech companies. Maybe this statement sounded a bit far-fetched at first. But when you’re struggling to build a website, manage a suite of software-as-a-service marketing tools, or create an app for your customers, it’s easy to see the truth in the […]

4 Ways To Increase Employee Retention

We all know that employees are the most expensive investment for an organization.  With an estimated 20 million U.S. employees changing jobs in the past year, employers are shelling out over 2 trillion dollars to cover the expense. There are a number of reasons cited for employees leaving their job for new adventures including lack of feedback, training, and […]

How to Hire an Employee in Pennsylvania

Businesses operating in Pennsylvania have access to a range of talent hubs in the midwest and east coast. Pennsylvania is one of the leading job providers in most manufacturing and production industries such as metal fabrication, machinery and equipment, food production, and chemical and natural gas. In terms of regulations, Pennsylvania is not as strict […]

8 Ways to Reap Value by Hiring Employees From Unrelated Industries

Many employers feel they need to hire candidates who know their company's industry like the back of their hands. But hiring outside of your given industry scope often can bring unique value that you might miss out on by hiring within your existing sector. After all, a diversity of backgrounds and opinions is key to innovation. If […]