Top Interview Questions for Sales Managers

The role of a sales manager is defined by more than charismatic acumen, strategic closing abilities and a record of rah-rah-rah-ing their team to victory. A top sales manager also will have the intellect to assess the strategic data and build sales plans that sustain an organization for the long haul.  They can overcome sales […]

6 Must-Ask Interview Questions for July

For July’s “Must-Ask Interview Questions,” I sought out Jennifer Spencer, Owner/Recruiter at The Spencer Group, Inc., in Kansas City, MO. Her favorite questions traversed a variety of topics and ferreted out crucial insights related to candidates’ passions and strengths; culture fit, abilities to align with management style; and much more.  Read on to discover six […]

The 10 Worst Interview Questions

There are illegal interview questions that you are prohibited to ask by law, and then there are bad interview questions – ones that are just outdated, inappropriate, hackneyed, or pointless (some of which are also illegal). At a minimum, asking them reflects badly on you as an employee, but asking bad interview questions can also put […]

How to Follow Up With Candidates After the Interview

Following up with every candidate who applies to your company - whether you decide to hire them or not - is a crucial part of your recruitment process, especially post-interview. But what makes this such a critical step of the process?  We dug deeper into this best practice to explore what following up with candidates […]

How to Make Rockstar Hires

Your company is who staffs it. If you’re at the helm of that decision-making process, yours is no small task. You need a candidate who gets it-someone who is quick to engage, motivate and onboard. But interviewing can be elusive, exhausting and difficult to streamline. Still, doing everything you can to refine your hiring process […]

Why It's Important to Measure Interview Satisfaction Ratings

With so many companies competing for the best of the best talent out there, recruiting in today’s candidate-driven market can be tough. But what if we told you there’s a cure for your recruiting woes, and it all came down to your interview process? The cost of finding top talent (and the key to keeping […]

How to Conduct Interviews with Persons with Disabilities

Despite many organization's continued efforts to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in recruiting and hiring, persons with disabilities still experience a stark disparity when it comes to securing employment - just 19% of persons with a disability were employed in 2019, compared to 66% of persons without a disability. This is an injustice for persons […]

16 Job Interview Questions to Ask a Sales Manager Candidate

Usually, when individual contributors get promoted to management, they teach their direct reports their secrets for success, use many of the same skills they did in their previous jobs, and get a salary bump. Sales manager might be one of the only promotions where the job differs dramatically from the individual contributor role and necessitates […]

Stop Asking These 4 Interview Questions

Are you still asking questions recommended by 20th Century job search hiring guides? If so, you’re probably not getting the most substantive answers from job candidates coming in for interviews. Frankly, with talent in such demand, it’s time to reconsider your approach. Let’s start with four questions you should retire (and what to ask in […]

New Year, New Interview Questions to Ask In-Demand Candidates

It was invigorating to initiate the new year by interviewing Pete Primeau, President of Primeau Furniture Sales and former VP of Sales / Sales Manager for a name-brand mattress company. Over the years, he has honed strategies for interviewing sales reps and helped retailers succeed in increasing volume and profits. Primeau’s storytelling style imbued this […]