5 Signs a Candidate Is Lying or Exaggerating

For most recruiters, taking candidates at face value is second nature. With multiple, urgent roles to fill, tons of resumes to go through and dozens of interviews to schedule, you don’t always have the time to dig into a candidate’s background as thoroughly as you would like. Most of the time, this isn’t a problem […]

How to Identify Forward-Thinking Candidates

In an economy continually disrupted by technological and cultural shifts, hiring managers and HR leaders must strive to adapt. This includes shaping interviews that vet the most forward-thinking performers who will help steer the company ship forward while also adjusting sails amid changing winds. For example, are candidates keeping their finger on the pulse of […]

Upgrade Your Interview Process for the New Decade

An interview is your chance to evaluate, in real-time, how strongly the on-paper credentials of a job applicant come across in a face-to-face interaction. But not every interview will be successful if you’re still using the same questions and processes that worked for the last ten years.  Like your business, your interview process needs to […]

4 Must-Ask Interview Questions This Summer

Thoughtful interview questions connect the interviewer with the job candidate in a way that surface-level questions cannot. They also extract candidate insights that otherwise may lie dormant until after a hiring decision has been made. This can cause disruptions in the workplace, and possibly a failed hiring decision, later on. As such, determining a candidate’s […]

How to Conduct Interviews with Neurodiverse Candidates

It's increasingly well-known that a diverse workforce made up of a wide range of talents, perspectives and thought processes provides companies with a competitive edge. As organizations embrace the role of diversity, equity and inclusion in the hiring process, one form of diversity is gaining a lot of attention: neurodiversity. Neurodiversity takes into account the […]

How To Coach Hiring Managers Through the 5 Steps of the Hiring Process

What could recruiters do if they didn't spend half their time screening and scheduling applicants? With AI and automation removing many time-consuming tasks from a recruiter's day, recruiters will find themselves with more time to focus on different parts of the TA organization. They can be especially effective as advisors and coaches to hiring managers; […]

3 Interview Questions That Will Set the Right Course

Two decades of experience have taught Senior Talent Acquisition Manager Adam Fitzer that one size does not fit all when interviewing candidates. However, certain key questions will help set the right Q&A course. Fitzer, who works for West Monroe Partners in greater New York City, draws on his deep recruiting experience — primarily in technology and consulting […]

How Recruiting Can Influence Your Company Culture

When Greenhouse was just starting out, we were all sitting in a small room together and our company culture seemed to grow organically and then spread by osmosis. But as we grew, spreading over two offices on opposite coasts and a few other remote employees, we reached the point where not everyone knew each other […]

Can You Ask That Interview Question?

You’re interviewing a job candidate you really want to hire and you’re getting along great. Out of pure curiosity as part of your conversation, you ask her, “Are you married?” Oops. You just stepped on one of the legal confines that are part of the interview process. There are numerous questions you are prohibited from asking […]

Must-Ask Interview Questions When Hiring Content Creators

This month's must-ask interview questions focus on what to ask when hiring writers. In a world ablaze with content, companies need talented writers to fuel their websites, instructional manuals, blogs, social media feeds and more. When bringing new writers on board, what questions should companies ask to cull the talent pool to those writers with […]

5 Common-Thread Interview Questions to Ask Candidates

It is crucial that all involved in the interview process, from hiring decision maker to individual panel members, collectively agree on the role’s success factors. You can do this by parachuting into the targeted role- or discipline-specific areas, compiling questions that extract a candidate’s knowledge, experience, skills and abilities. As well, by noting the common […]

Is a Lengthy Interview Process Hurting Your Company?

While reviewing resumes is the first step on the road to vetting potential hires, it's meeting with those candidates that's generally the most cumbersome aspect of filling open positions. The interview process lasts 23.8 days, on average, in the U.S., but in some industries, it can take considerably longer. But that's problematic for a number of reasons. […]