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More than 50% of our clients' job seekers visit Glassdoor to research prospective employers.*

* Glassdoor Internal Data, April-June 2017

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A Free Employer Account allows employers to post photos, share company updates, request and respond to reviews and utilize powerful analytics. Use your Free Employer Account to start sharing your company culture with job seekers researching you.

3 in 4 job seekers are more likely to apply to an open job if the employer is active on Glassdoor.*

* U.S. Site Survey, August 2017

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Candidates read as least 7 reviews before forming an opinion about a company.*

* U.S. Site Survey, August 2017

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Glassdoor is a no brainer if you want to be in front of where candidates are doing their homework. Some platforms are optional, but you simply have to be on Glassdoor.
Martin Reed, CEO
Thomas International