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20+ Job Description Templates to Help You Hire for Hard-to-Fill Roles

Sourcing talent for hard-to-fill roles — those positions that demand a skill set that’s in short supply in a given location — can be incredibly frustrating for recruiters and hiring managers. You’re intimately familiar with the amazing opportunity you’re offering a potential new hire, only to be met by crickets when you list a few short paragraphs about the role on your company’s website.

Is it just you, or is there something different about today’s talent?

As it turns out, today’s talent is strikingly distinct from talent of year’s past. Recruiters are hiring for positions that did not exist a decade ago, and the most desirable candidates for these roles are less focused on landing their next “job” and laser-focused on how each opportunity contributes to the skills and meaningful career they’re building for themselves.1

If you want to capture the attention of today’s career conscious talent to hire for hard-to-fill tech roles, your job descriptions need to work harder than ever.

Job Description Templates

A strong job description provides candidates with an overview of the position, its responsibilities, and the qualifications and experience you’re looking for in the best person for the role. A description that lacks any of these elements will leave job seekers with a lot of questions, which could turn off potential candidates that could be a good fit or burden your HR team with excessive inquiries about basic job information.

Here’s a list of job description templates for twenty common roles that you can use to get started:

  1. IT Director
  2. Java Developer
  3. Front End Developer
  4. Software Engineer
  5. Computer Engineer
  6. UX Designer/ UI Designer
  7. Solutions Engineer
  8. Sales Representative
  9. DevOps Engineer
  10. Operations Analyst
  11. Sales Engineer
  12. Account Executive
  13. UI Developer
  14. Software Architect
  15. Sales Executive
  16. Sales Development Rep
  17. Director of Marketing
  18. Data Architect
  19. Recruiter
  20. Technical Recruiter


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