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How to Hire the Right Talent

how to hire the right talent


If you have trouble finding the right talent, you’re not alone. 3 in 4 hiring decision-makers say that finding quality candidates is their #1 recruiting challenge.Here are four ways you can attract more quality candidates to your open roles with Brand Ads from Glassdoor.

75% of hiring decision-makers say it’s easier to attract top talent when they know your organization.1

1. Grow Brand Awareness

There’s no doubt that your brand reputation attracts candidates. But even if you have a great reputation with those who know about your company, there are still plenty of talented candidates who don’t. Brand Ads expose your brand and your jobs to candidates who are looking but may have not been exposed to your brand before. Repetition is one of the keys to increase brand awareness, so the more places your brand appears, the more it becomes top-of-mind for candidates.

2. Target Candidates Precisely

Targeting your jobs is about more than job title and location. Companies may seek to reach candidates of specific demographic groups or criteria such as veteran status, diversity and competitor activity. Brand ads allow you to get in front of more of the candidates you want by setting the exact criteria that suit you best.

88% of hiring decision makers agree that an informed candidate is a quality candidate.1

3. Go Where the Informed Candidates Are

When candidates know more about your company, hiring is easier. Research shows that interviewing informed candidates results in improved candidate experience, reduced time to hire, and improved hiring manager satisfaction. With nearly 48 million monthly unique users2; to its mobile apps and websites, Glassdoor is the premier destination for displaying ads to informed candidates.

4. Expand Your Reach

Effective recruiting isn’t just about casting a wider net; it’s about consistently casting your net in the most abundant waters. When you build brand familiarity with informed candidates through repetition across a diverse set of online locations, you’ll win over the ones who apply, interview, and become happy, productive and engaged employees.

Informed candidates who research jobs and companies on Glassdoor are 2x more likely to be hired than candidates from other sources.3


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