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5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Recruiting in 2020 and Beyond

Artificial intelligence — a.k.a. machine learning — is changing how companies find, hire, and retain talent. If you choose to leverage its power, here’s a quick rundown of what’s next in the realm of AI for recruiters and talent acquisition leaders, and how these trends will change your job — mostly for the better.

1. Your Productivity Will Skyrocket

In stark contrast to long-held fears that AI algorithms would replace large numbers of workers, artificial intelligence is instead showing up as a collection of more practical — and widespread — productivity apps, like automated meeting schedulers, candidate chat bots, and AI tools that help identify and hire talent.

2. Managers Will Get Some Backup

We’re all well aware that being a recruiter or hiring manager today isn’t only about being a leader who wields power and calls the shots in the workplace. It also involves a lot of less glamorous administrative work: planning, budgeting, communication, and routine performance reporting to senior leadership. These routine aspects of being a recruiter today are ripe for takeover by improved AI algorithms in 2020 and beyond.

3. Screening Will Get Easier

Most talent acquisition leaders say the hardest part of their job is identifying the right candidates from a large applicant pool.1 And as companies scale, hiring volume tends to increase without a corresponding growth on recruitment teams. To keep up, the adoption of AI-driven HR technology will ramp quickly and minimize or eliminate time-intensive activities like screening resumes. Tools are already available to apply machine learning to:

  • Auto-screen candidates’ resumes
  • Conduct sentiment analysis on job descriptions to identify potentially biased language
  • Allow for “anytime, anywhere” video interviews
  • Initiate chatbots to automate scheduling

4. Quality of Hire Will Improve

Glassdoor’s AI-driven audience targeting lets you provide a customized view of your company’s Enhanced Profile for up to four different audiences, based on occupation. The algorithm automatically identifies whether the job title of a given visitor falls within that job category. If it does, they’re shown customized branded content for that job category, increasing the likelihood of a successful match. And because Glassdoor candidates apply already knowing your company mission, benefits and growth opportunities, they’re more likely to self-select into the right role and thrive into the future with your company. This not only saves time and money2 in the recruiting phase, but also has proven to deliver more productive, engaged and sustainable employees.

76% of hiring decision makers say attracting quality candidates is their number one challenge.3 And they agree that a candidate who is informed is a valuable candidate, a quality candidate.3 Glassdoor candidates not only are 2x more likely to be hired,4 but candidates you recruit from Glassdoor have 30% higher retention rates.5

5. Bias Will Be Mitigated

Machine learning tools can help to mitigate the effect of unconscious bias that can creep into job listings. Gender-tone analysis can determine whether there is a masculine or feminine bias in the tone of a job post. Companies that employ this type of software to make their posts gender-neutral can correct any inadvertent bias and get a better balance of applicants.

Top 3 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for Recruiters:

1. Be proactive, not reactive. Recruiters will become much more strategic, focusing on workforce growth rather than reactive backfilling of open roles.

2. Make more meaningful connections. With fewer high-volume, manual tasks, recruiters can have more nuanced, human interactions with candidates.

3. Learn from the metrics. More data on the success of new hires will allow recruiters to close the loop around quality of hire and build on what works.

How You Can Get a Jump Start on the Benefits of AI:

  • Seek out tools now that will make your workflow more efficient going forward.
  • Think about how automating some tasks can help you be more hands-on with others.
  • Embrace the reality that using AI can help you be more human more often.


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