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Industry: Bus Transportation Services

The BusBank is a comprehensive group and event transportation management company headquartered in Chicago. We are the industry and pioneer and leader in providing a single-source for chartering a bus anywhere in North America.

  • 100%
    Annual hires from Glassdoor
    April ' 15 - May '16
  • 25%
    Total workforce hired via Glassdoor
    As of May '16
  • 75%
    Increase in Candidate Awareness
    June '15 - May '16

With Glassdoor, we can easily manage our jobs. Candidates from CareerBuilder or LinkedIn just didn’t seem to be good fits for us. But with Glassdoor, people can see our profile and get a sense of who we are and what we’re looking for. Several of our customers have even told us they reviewed us on Glassdoor before deciding to do business with us. Glassdoor has been a fantastic resource for us.Brandon Dudley, Managing Director


  • Hire qualified talent that fits BusBank’s culture
  • Tell BusBank’s story via authentic employee voices
  • Attract customers and job seekers to Glassdoor Profile


  • Enhanced Profile: Paint a compelling vision of BusBank through snackable, shareable multimedia content
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