Secrets of Best Places to Work Revealed

Every year, Glassdoor recognizes 100 enterprise businesses and 50 small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S. as a Best Place to Work, plus businesses in eight other countries. This esteemed award honors the people-first employers building vibrant and engaged company cultures — and creating better places for employees to grow their careers.

To uncover different ways you can learn from these winning companies, we’ve interviewed five winners of the 2020 Glassdoor Best Places to Work U.S. organizations. The combined insights of these best-in-class employers reveal what they did to create winning cultures, and how receiving this award has improved their recruiting efforts.

We hope these top employers inspire you to make changes to fuel your own recruiting engine and attract the talent your business needs to achieve its potential in 2020.



HubSpot is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that lets organizations work together — from marketing, to sales, to customer service.

“Transparency isn’t a trend, it’s a movement, and the best candidates and employees demand it. Your employees and candidates have more power and information and context than ever — you can’t and shouldn’t resist that. Instead, you should embrace the trend and focus on how you can be more transparent as an organization and more responsive to your employees. Glassdoor empowers us to walk the walk on our commitment to transparency. We want prospective talent to know as much as possible about working at HubSpot before they apply, so that they can decide if we’re the right company for them and their goals.”

– Katie Burke, Chief People Officer at HubSpot


Your Best Place to Work To-Do List:
Create your own Culture Code.

“Creating amazing cultures where people can do their best work doesn’t happen overnight. Since publishing the HubSpot Culture Code in 2013, we’ve been committed to helping employees grow, both personally and professionally.”

Make happiness and belonging top priorities.

“We’re committed to building a true sense of inclusion globally for our employees. In just the past year, we set our first company-wide diversity goal, built out a dedicated team devoted to diversity, inclusion, and belonging, and launched a new and improved HubSpot Diversity Data Report to build on the work we had started over the past four years. Creating a culture of belonging is a constant work in progress.”

Put your customer first.

“We’re often rethinking how we can empower employees to have an impact on customers’ lives. We really spent this year bringing our employees back to our mission of helping millions of organizations grow better. As a result, our employees feel a strong sense of mission — we are absolutely building and marketing software, but at our core, we are helping millions of organizations grow their revenue, their impact, and their reach with our software, services, and philosophy.”



LifeChurch is an American evangelical multi-site church with 34 locations in 10 states.

“We believe people want to work at a place where their work matters. The generation entering the workforce wants to make a difference, not just earn a paycheck. This makes it more crucial than ever to have clear company culture and values that are frequently communicated to team members. We also believe that candidates want to see authenticity, not perfection. It will become even more important for organizations to be transparent. Candidates want to know what’s real, not just what we want them to hear. We see Glassdoor as a major contributor in this becoming a reality.”

– Craig Groeschel, Founding and Senior Pastor of Life.Church


Your Best Place to Work To-Do List:
Remember that employees build culture, not organizations.

“While we consistently invest in our culture and strategies to make our organization better, the truth is that our team is what makes Life.Church special. No program can make a difference unless the team chooses to embrace it. Having the right team with the right mindset and the willingness to live out the culture is what makes Life.Church unique.”

Encourage employees to regularly give and receive feedback.

“Learning is an important part of strategy to strengthen our culture. We’re intentional about having a high feedback culture where our staff members regularly give and receive feedback. It’s only when people become aware of a growth area, do they have the opportunity to improve.”

Don’t just tell your employees you care — show them with your benefits package.

“While the biggest benefit is doing work that makes an eternal difference, that’s not the only benefit. We offer a competitive perk package designed to improve the staff member’s life physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Our 401K program rewards the team member generously, our healthcare benefits are low cost/high return, and our wellness programs drive physical, mental, and emotional health. When someone joins our team, we want them to know we care about them as people and will do everything we can to improve their quality of life.”


Bain & Co.

Bain & Co. is a management consulting company that advises on issues such as private equity investments, mergers & acquisitions, corporate strategy, finance, operations, and more.

“Our leadership has invested in more frequent communication to share our vision and strategic ambitions for our firm, including a reaffirmation of our company mission. The level of transparency and engagement from firm leadership translates directly to employee enthusiasm and excitement about our business outlook and firm journey.”

– Manny Maceda, Worldwide Managing Partner at Bain & Company


Your Best Place to Work To-Do List:
Give diversity and inclusion room to talk.

“As part of our diversity forums this year, The Global Women’s Leadership Forum brought over 300 of our senior women from around the globe together (along with a number of our senior male allies) to advance our global ambitions for gender parity and what we need to do — collectively and individually — to ensure that every woman is thriving in her Bain career.”

Understand what characteristics make people successful at your company.

“People who want to work at Bain tend to have a few common characteristics. They want to be a part of a winning team that creates outstanding client success stories. They like seeing that their work makes a difference in the world. They want to learn and grow every day.”

Consider how technology can improve your recruiting processes.

“We continue to innovate on our analytics and technology delivery capabilities to drive client solutions. We are enhancing team structures with new talent combinations including design, development and analytics talent blended with our traditional consulting staff. This is creating opportunities for people with backgrounds in marketing science, data science, software engineering, human-centered design, digital marketing, product design, product management and more.”



Kronos is a cloud-based HR, payroll, and time and attendance solution that enables organizations to drive revenue.

“The Kronos culture is driven by the mission that employee engagement is a growth strategy for our company. In this journey to codify our workplace culture and invest in programs, policies, and benefits to truly make Kronos a Best Place to Work, our global engagement scores climbed to an all-time high. Our revenue also tripled to $1.4 billion — that’s no coincidence.”

– Aron Ain, Chief Executive Officer of Kronos


Your Best Place to Work To-Do List:
Understand that employee engagement and the bottom line are connected.

“In my heart, I always knew that great people create great organizations by producing better products and delivering better services — and when great people are inspired and bring their full-selves to work, the results are magical. When I became Kronos CEO, I had the opportunity to put these beliefs into action. And wouldn’t you know it, as we executed on my strategy, our turnover went down, our engagement went up, and our business results soared.”

Remember that big results take hard work, even in company culture.

“We invest in being a great place to work as we do any other annual strategic initiative, like goals around product development, customer success, and global growth. To put that strategy into action, each year we identify new and innovative ways to improve the employee experience.”

Don’t limit yourself to standard benefits — an innovative company should have innovative perks.

“In 2016 we used the implementation of myTime (Kronos’ unlimited paid time off policy) to roll out a suite of other new benefits, like student debt repayment assistance, expanded parental leave for moms and dads, adoption financial assistance, childcare financial assistance, and even college scholarships for children of Kronites. It was a thoughtful strategy to use the savings from moving away from accrued time-off and reinvest into new programs for employees.”



BambooHR is an award-winning leader in HR software serving over 11,000 business clients in more than 100 countries worldwide.

“If you approach hiring with the right outlook and the right tools, and you treat every candidate as a possible ten-year investment, you’re putting your business on the right track.”

– Robert De Luca, Copy Director at BambooHR


Your Best Place to Work To-Do List:
Don’t assume effective employee onboarding will happen by accident.

“What happens during onboarding has a significant impact on everything from time-to-contribution all the way down to retention. Your onboarding must provide the information and cultural exposure new hires need to feel confident on their first day, which means evaluating existing policy to ensure you’re not only checking off all of the boxes but creating experiences that are memorable, timely, and reflective of your company values.”

Reinforce that knowledge is power — and that transparency increases knowledge.

“Transparency isn’t about throwing caution to the wind or blurting out whatever comes to mind, it’s about understanding the benefit of honest, forthright communication in your organization. Knowledge is power, and the lesson to take away is that transparency, truth, and openness spread the knowledge that empowers people and businesses to do better work together.”

Remember that employee engagement is the heart of all culture successes.

“Research indicates a correlation between engagement and almost any positive outcome you can think of. And a lack of engagement is linked to any number of negative outcomes, including billions of dollars in lost revenue.”


When you want to embody the very best employer traits, you need to study the best examples you can find. The Glassdoor Best Places to Work awards identify best-in-class organizations — and it’s free to learn from the way these award-winning companies have built vibrant company cultures and engaged hundreds or even thousands of employees.

If you want 2020 to be the year your company becomes a better place to work, here are five takeaways from this year’s Best Places to Work winners:

  • Unlock your free Glassdoor Employer Center to get a baseline understanding of current employee sentiment
  • Explore the Glassdoor Employer blog to collect resources and statistics that will help you get the leadership team invested in your company’s recruiting process
  • Identify three or four more ways you can collect feedback from your employees to better understand their current employee experience — and how you can improve it
  • Consider what you can do to create more diverse opportunities for your employees to connect with each other and for prospective hires to experience those connections
  • Evaluate the current level of transparency, diversity and inclusion, and communication in your recruiting process and push yourself to improve each critical indicator of success