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The 7 Trends that Will Affect Your Recruiting this Year

The 7 Trends that Will Affect Your Recruiting this Year

What’s next for talent acquisition leaders as we enter a new decade in 2020? Glassdoor Chief Economist, Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, has curated a list of the HR and recruiting trends anticipated in 2020 — and the forces likely to shape the coming decade.

1. AI Will Get a Seat in Upper Management.

Being a manager today involves a lot of less-than-glamorous administrative work: planning, budgeting, communication, and performance reporting to senior leadership. These routine aspects of being a people manager today are ripe for takeover by improved AI algorithms in 2020 and beyond.

Here's How to be Ready:

  • Seek out tools now that will make your workflow more efficient.
  • Think about how automating some tasks can help you be more hands-on with others.
  • Embrace the reality that using AI strategically can help you be more human more often.

2. 2020 Will Begin a Culture-First Decade for Employers.

Even a decade ago, employee culture was viewed by CEOs as fluffy, hard to measure, and a nice-to-have. But four factors have elevated the importance of employee sentiment throughout the economy in recent years:

  • Workplace transparency has become an expectation.
  • Employee culture has become a non-negotiable core business issue.
  • There is proof1 of the real-world business impact of strong workplace culture.
  • Formal recognition of the importance of culture in business means CEOs can’t afford to ignore its power.

Here's How to be Ready:

  • Gather data to set a baseline for current employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Elevate employee engagement to the status of core business focus.
  • Actively seek out employee feedback and close the loop on learnings about sentiment.
  • Use Glassdoor strategically to boost your overall employer brand transparency.

3. Companies Will Refresh Hiring Playbooks Ahead of a Recession.

Building a strong employer brand takes years, while most recessions last nowhere nearly as long. Even if hiring slows in a downturn, the need to differentiate from the competition will not.

Here's How to be Ready:

  • Consider ways to shift open roles to contract or part-time positions.
  • Continue to build out your employer brand presence on Glassdoor.
  • Build a turnkey way to keep workplace culture thriving even if we enter an economic recession.

4. Employers Will Further Prioritize Diversity and Inclusion Jobs.

In 2020 and beyond, we expect to see a wave of hiring for leaders and managers to build a more diverse and inclusive workforce — and not just in large companies. To compete for candidates who increasingly seek out companies with these programs, mid-sized employers will invest in diversity and inclusion staff.

Here's How to be Ready:

5. Baby Boomers Will Become the Fastest-Growing Workforce.

The fastest growing segment of the labor force in the coming decade isn’t millennials or the newest band of Gen Z workers. It’s aging Baby Boomers. Employers who broaden their definition of inclusivity to welcome older workers, and develop the learning programs to make the most of the 65+ talent pool, will enjoy a strategic hiring advantage in 2020 and beyond.

Here's How to be Ready:

  • Recognize that ageism, though often overlooked, is rampant in the workforce — and work to understand and debunk the myths this bias is founded on.
  • Understand the many ways older workers bring value to your workforce — with experience, calm-under-pressure, ability to mentor, broad perspective, etc. — and enhance both the culture and the performance of your company.
  • Appeal to the unique motivations of older workers to recruit top-tier candidates.

6. More People Will Find Their Next Job on a Mobile Device.

To boost the size and diversity of their candidate pools, we expect to see more employers streamlining mobile job application flows in preparation for the coming shift toward mobile-only candidates.

7. The 2020 Election Cycle Will Unleash Companies’ Political Side.

In 2020, we expect to see more workplaces get political as both employers and employees engage with the national election cycle. For employers in highly competitive sectors looking for ways to stand out from the crowd, taking a political stand can be a winning strategy for distinguishing themselves from the competition and strengthening their appeal to talent.

Here's How to be Ready:

  • Identify a solid mission and author company values to help define the causes that align with your company and employees’ shared values. Use your About Us section in the Glassdoor Employer Center to tell your company story and reinforce your mission.
  • Use your Why Work With Us section to highlight your company culture, clarify your company values, share testimonials, and shine a light on community involvement.
  • Don’t be afraid to put a stake in the ground if there is a value you feel strongly about as a company — even if it’s polarizing. Your core fans will likely become that much more loyal and motivated.

A 2017 Glassdoor survey revealed that 75% of millennials expect their employers to take a stand on social issues. An overwhelming 84% of U.S. workers believe companies have an important voice in proposed legislation, regulation and executive orders that could affect the employer’s business or the lives of employees.2


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