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Top 5 Mistakes Recruiters Make With Mobile Applicants Today

Chances are you’re reading this post on your phone. Nearly 3 out of 4 people will rely solely on their phones to access the internet by 2025.1 With smartphones being an integral part of daily life, more and more job seekers rely on mobile devices as a core tool to connect with employers.

Here are the top 5 takeaways every recruiter should know to build a seamless experience for mobile candidates:

1. Know the mobile audience

The mobile candidate is not who you think. The typical mobile candidate is:2

  • Near mid-career
  • More likely to be female
  • Has fewer years of education
  • Less likely to live in big cities

2. Be mobile-friendly to broaden reach

You’re hurting the size and diversity of your talent pool by not thinking mobile. Most job applications aren’t designed with the mobile user in mind.

  • It takes 80% longer to complete mobile job applications.3
  • Only 22% of mobile applications get submitted.3

3. Test desktop & mobile to improve the journey

Your talent pool shrinks the longer it takes to complete a job submission. Reducing the time needed to complete an online job application by 10% is associated with a 2.3% increase in mobile job applications and a 1.5% increase in desktop job applications.2

4. Streamline and simplify applications so all job seekers have equal opportunities

You’re likely making applications harder for lower-paying jobs. It may sound counter-intuitive, but higher-paying jobs often require less effort to apply. Lower-paying jobs often ask for information that would traditionally be captured in a resume like work history, skills and education.

recruitingmistakes mobile applicants

5. Create easier and faster mobile experiences

You’re attracting fewer applicants by keeping the status quo. Mobile-friendly applications create better user experiences and attract more talent.

Nearly 60% of Glassdoor’s monthly visitors come from a mobile device.With Glassdoor’s Easy Apply, we can help you automatically streamline job postings and create an ideal mobile experience.


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