Why All Staffing Agencies Should Use Glassdoor

Candidate sourcing is one of the top issues facing staffing agencies. 76% of hiring decision-makers say attracting quality candidates is their #1 challenge.1 Glassdoor helps staffing agencies address this challenge on every front. Here’s how:

Why All Staffing Agencies Should Use Glassdoor

Your agency profile on Glassdoor is important to candidates:

  • Over 40% of all job seekers research a company on Glassdoor 30 days before or after sending their resume.7 By enhancing your profile on Glassdoor, you get a chance to influence these candidates to apply to your open jobs.
  • A Glassdoor Enhanced Profile enables staffing agencies to share their news, add photos and videos, feature a review of their choice, and centralize all open positions in one place. That helps to earn credibility and candidate trust, especially when some job seekers avoid applying to jobs via staffing agencies.
  • 62% of Glassdoor users are more likely to respond to a recruiter from a company that they recognize than from a company they don’t recognize. 8

If your agency has a Glassdoor Enhanced Profile, candidates are more willing to apply to the jobs you post:

4 in 5 | 4 in 5 Glassdoor candidates are more likely to apply to an open role if the company is active on Glassdoor9 as it helps them to know, like and trust the company.

5x | Glassdoor job seekers who saw one company’s brand 10+ times were 5x more likely to apply than those who saw it once.9

2x | Candidates are almost 2x as likely to apply when a job highlights a company’s branded content.10

Attract more candidates by sponsoring your Job Ads on Glassdoor

  • Glassdoor Brand Ads allow you to target passive audiences on dimensions aligned to your hiring objectives, such as candidate location, occupation and more.
  • Glassdoor Analytics help you learn more about your candidate demographics as well as your top talent competitors and adjust your talent acquisition strategy accordingly.
  • Glassdoor Sponsored Jobs receive 16x more clicks.11
  • Glassdoor Sponsored Jobs receive 17x more apply starts than non-sponsored job ads.11


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