How to Develop Your Company Compensation Philosophy

As organizations become more public about their practices regarding equal pay, the topic of salary transparency will begin to enter the mainstream. Companies can strengthen their employer brands by demonstrating a commitment to equal pay and salary transparency. What is a Compensation Philosophy? A compensation philosophy is a formal statement that explains the "why" of […]

How I Navigated Know Your Worth Internally at Glassdoor

My first thought was “Oh sh*t—How do I deal with this?” When we launched Know Your Worth  internally, I experienced the tool in just the same way that many HR professionals are going to experience it - maybe worse. Our entire company was encouraged to log on and try out the tool, which I did. […]

The Benefits and Compensation Models of the Future

Gold watches and pensions are SO industrial revolution. Over the years, the go-tos for bonuses and compensation for a job well done have changed right along with the workforce. And compensation models must change as well. As the compensation structure changes, workers are requesting benefits from companies that add value to their lives. More importantly, […]

Why Pay Transparency Is Your Best Recruitment Tool

Lots of companies will tell you that their people make them different. I get it — because we’re one of them. All of our other differentiators are a product of our employees, so having a compelling employment narrative is critical to attracting high-end talent that might otherwise be drawn to bigger brand-name firms. Back in […]

Snapping the Link Between Performance Management and Pay

Awarding higher pay and bonuses to top performers seems like the straightforward way to incentivize and retain great employees. The most popular format being performance based bonuses, which keep base pay manageable and provide incentives for better performance. However, research shows us that this may not be as simple as it seems. A study by […]

How to Hire an Employee in California

Businesses operating in California have direct access to one of the largest economies in the country, not to mention the world. That being said, the high cost of living in California, stringent state employment requirements and high standards of employees working in the Golden State can make it challenging to hire an employee in California. […]

Glassdoor's Gender Pay Gap Revolution – and the Woman Behind It

Dawn Lyon is a woman on a mission. As Glassdoor’s Chief Pay Equality Advocate, there isn’t a conversation about the wage gap or pay equity that she isn’t a part of. Why? The complex relationship between the gender pay gap, salary negotiation, and advocacy are very close to her heart, and her mind. For Lyon, […]

How to Deal with Employee Poaching from the Competition

Hiring top talent is no easy task. It’s a careful, time-consuming process—the average organization in the United States spends about 24 days on the interview process alone. But if you bring an excellent employee onto your team as a result, it’s worth the time and effort. Until, that is, your competition hires that employee away […]

How to Hire Employees

If you’re interested in learning how to hire employees more efficiently and increase their retention, you're in luck — we wrote a guide to hiring new employees with all the info you need to accomplish these results! Adding a salaried or full-time employee to your payroll can be a large investment, especially for a senior […]

How to Hire an Employee in Texas

Businesses operating in Texas have direct access to one of the largest economies in the country. Texas contains some of the nation's largest companies hiring in the energy, medical and tech sector. Jobs range from the knowledge sector to skilled labor. That being said, the state employment requirements and the high standards of employees working […]