The Why Behind Glassdoor Review Moderation Process

How does Glassdoor manage and moderate reviews? Here's everything you need to know from clear guidelines to how to flag a review. Glassdoor strives to be the most trusted and transparent place for today's candidate to search for jobs and research companies. Our purpose - which is really two sides of the same coin - […]

Creating a Perfect Team

There is something great about being able to create your fantasy team and watch them in action; and I don't just mean in football. While I don't know fantasy football, I know a little something about creating a dream team of workers. Recruiters are league owners year-round, and this is how they (we) play the […]

3 Things to Remind Candidates Before They Accept

Entering the offer extend stage after a long and diligent search is a pivotal and exhilarating time for both the recruiter and the candidate. While excitement is high on both sides, it is sometimes easy to act on impulse, and lose sight of the real things that matter. As a recruiter, it is your duty […]

How Recruiters Can Be Successful During an Economic Downturn

Weathering the storm of a recession — or the fears of a potential recession — can be particularly challenging for talent acquisition professionals. “A recession typically means fewer jobs which translates to less demand and less work for recruiters,” according to Jake Morrow, Senior Technical Recruiter at Toyota Connected North America. “There are a few […]

How To Recruit & Retain Millennial Employees

When it comes to the Millennial generation there are a lot of misconceptions around how hard they work and how committed they are to their jobs. Turns out those misconceptions are just that, and employers that wrongly buy into them will face a difficult time managing and retaining a group of people that will have a […]

Advice from Intacct, A Glassdoor Best Place to Work

Here at Intacct, we are honored to be named a Best Place to Work by Glassdoor. Today, I’m excited to share my top tips for how to become a best place to work. It all begins with your workforce. Focus on people There are many factors that play into Intacct receiving this type of recognition, […]

How Game-Based Assessments Can Help You Hire

Game-based assessments are gathering significant momentum as next-generation psychometric measures. What are Game-Based Assessments? Despite widespread use of psychometric assessments, a majority of organizations say they’re underwhelmed by existing solutions. Many of the available tools just seem a bit outdated and stale. Game-based assessments offer a powerful, candidate-friendly alternative to traditional assessment testing. Game-based assessments are […]

3 Tips to Hiring Top Sales Pros

In today’s fast-paced business environment, top-notch sales professionals are being inundated with emails and calls from recruiters. We respond to most of these emails with one click: “delete.” While answering machines have become the enemy of all recruiters, more companies are competing for all-star sales talent than ever before. And they are all asking the […]

Why and How You Should Be Using Glassdoor

I first heard about Glassdoor back in 2015, when I was still very new to SAP's Global Employer Branding team. After it was explained to me what Glassdoor was, and how it was essentially "like TripAdvisor for candidates in their job search," I saw the immense potential SAP could have on this channel. We had a […]

4 Ways to Take Your Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Program to the Next Level

At this year's annual Glassdoor Recruit - a can't-miss conference for talent acquisition professionals - Glassdoor Content Marketing Director Amy Elisa Jackson leveled with the audience during the "Beyond the ROI Argument for Diversity and Inclusion" panel discussion: We all understand the importance of diversity when it comes to its return on investment, she said. […]

Zerve Explains What it Takes to Become a Best Place to Work

Here at Zerve, we are honored and thrilled to be recognized as one of the best places to work in the U.S. for companies with less than 1,000 employees! Since our founding in 2003, we have had a fanatical focus on providing a world-class employee experience, and creating a unique and phenomenal (Zervey!) culture. It […]