How CEOs Can Create Age-Diverse Companies

Age discrimination in the workplace has been illegal in the U.S. for more more than 50 years. But that hasn't stopped an epidemic of ageism in many aspects of work, from hiring to firing. While many workplace cultures would frown on stereotyping based on race or gender, negative perceptions about older workers persist, and many companies blatantly […]

Zerve Explains What it Takes to Become a Best Place to Work

Here at Zerve, we are honored and thrilled to be recognized as one of the best places to work in the U.S. for companies with less than 1,000 employees! Since our founding in 2003, we have had a fanatical focus on providing a world-class employee experience, and creating a unique and phenomenal (Zervey!) culture. It […]

Learn how to be an Indispensable HR Leader from Top CHROs

A key trait of a great CEO is the ability to enlist a team of trusted executives who will successfully fulfill his or her vision for the company. One of those key people is the CHRO. Glassdoor’s 2017 Highest Rated CEOs are no exception to this rule.

The Complete Guide to Ensuring Irresistible Benefits

Arcade games. Dogs in the office. Gourmet catered meals. It wasn’t so long ago that these benefits were practically unheard of, implemented by only the most highly-funded, trendy tech companies. Fast forward to today, though, and perks like these are springing up at companies left and right across all industries and locations. In some ways, […]

Implement These Programs to Keep Talent From Ghosting You

There’s no single trick for getting employees to stick with you. But when you treat them right, they are more likely to stay. To make sure your business isn't haunted by potential new hires who ghost you, don’t be afraid to think a bit differently. For companies, ghosting is a growing problem — and not merely […]

7 HR & Recruiting Articles to Read This October

While the autumn season signals the beginning of cozy weather, pumpkin spice lattes and the holiday season, it can also bring some not-so-great things, like busy schedules and stress. It’s during this time of year that college recruiting kicks into high gear, open enrollment takes place and year-end goals need to be met. Between all […]

Inside the Winning Recruiting Strategy of Language-Learning App Babbel

Discrimination and intolerance in the workplace continue to be widespread. Babbel is a positive counterexample. There, diversity is understood holistically and is reflected both in the corporate culture and in the product. Diversity and inclusion also play a major role in recruiting at the company behind the language-learning app with the same name. We discussed […]

3 Ways to Avoid Mistakes When Scaling Your Team

Growing a company can be chaotic. Identifying the right people, processes, and culture to energize and build your business takes courage, grit and disciplined focus. Over the course of my career, I’ve learned a tremendous amount about building high performing teams. One of the most challenging aspects is scaling effectively. Forging strategic growth demands a […]

Glassdoor Now #2 Largest Job Site in U.S.

Job seekers today want to find the right job with as little stress and time spent as possible. As the #2 job site in the U.S. (1), Glassdoor makes it easy by providing all the information job seekers need to make the right choice, all in one place. More than 45 million people visit Glassdoor […]

What to Do When You Inherit a Mess at Work

Overcoming an entrenched problem at work can be like trying to untangle a tight knot. It may be frustrating and seemingly impossible to undo. In addition to the main problem, there is likely a wake of damage to culture and morale. When you inherit a dysfunctional team For example, if the leader before you hired […]