10 Reasons Employees Resign

Good managers know very well how expensive employee turnover can be and work diligently to keep those costs to a minimum. It is a fact that not every employee can be retained no matter how fairly they are treated, and some are actually welcome to leave. It's no secret that the cost of employee turnover […]

How to Hire an Employee in Connecticut

Businesses operating in Connecticut have access to a wealth of talent. Connecticut is one of the leading job providers in the insurance and financial sectors and is home to companies such as Liberty Bank, Webster Bank and Chelsea Groton Bank. That being said, the state employment requirements and the high standards of employees working in […]

How to Hire an Employee in Indiana

Businesses operating in Indiana have access to a new wealth of talent. Historically, talent has migrated out of Indiana, but in recent years Indiana has become a new hub for talent. Indiana is one of the leading job providers in the auto industry, tech, construction and life sciences. That being said, the state employment requirements […]

How to Hire an Employee in Virginia

Businesses operating in Virginia have access to a range of talent hubs coming from Delaware, Pennsylvania, the Carolinas and Maryland as well as Virginia itself. Virginia is one of the leading job providers in the industries of agriculture, mining, tech, military and aerospace. That being said, the state employment requirements and the high standards of […]

Recruiting for Sales Positions for Your Company

If you’ve worked in corporate America long enough, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “Sales keeps the lights on.” There’s a grain of truth to that, but making the wrong sales hires or losing great candidates to competitors can depress morale, impact client relationships and damage your bottom line, whether it’s quarter- or fiscal year-end, especially […]

Why C-Level Executives Should Care About Glassdoor

In my last blog post, I wrote about the impact Glassdoor has on your recruiting funnel. In addition to recruiting, Glassdoor delivers quite a bit of insight that many executives never even consider. While transparency may still make many CEOs uncomfortable, embracing it can be a powerful weapon to transform your business and increase your competitive edge. […]

How to Write a Job Description

If you’re looking for help writing job descriptions, or want to see some examples of good job descriptions and job description templates, you’ve come to the right place. A good job description may seem like an ordinary thing, but a lot of work goes into creating a job description that does everything that it needs […]

How to Retain Top Performers When They Have Maxed Out Salary

It’s difficult enough to retain top-performing talent in an employees’ market, but when a high performer’s salary has maxed out, it becomes even more difficult. While money may — or may not — be the primary motivator for employee happiness, putting a ceiling on an employee’s financial compensation certainly has the potential to demotivate. So, […]

Trending Job Titles and the Pay Raises They're Commanding Right Now

As an employer, it’s crucial to have your finger on the pulse of trends in compensation for key positions. We recently published a guide to help with these salary conversations, but it’s good to factor in why it’s so critical to be informed about the competitive landscape before you negotiate. Glassdoor’s new tool, Know Your Worth™, can […]