Employee Retention: The Unsung Hero of Great Company Culture

In the current economic climate, there’s a lot of talk about recruitment marketing and talent acquisition – what it takes to find great candidates, stay on top key trends in recruiting, and how to make sense of HR and recruiting statistics. These topics are pertinent and timely – they’re the shiny object that draws your attention. […]

The 10 Worst Interview Questions

There are illegal interview questions that you are prohibited to ask by law, and then there are bad interview questions – ones that are just outdated, inappropriate, hackneyed, or pointless (some of which are also illegal). At a minimum, asking them reflects badly on you as an employee, but asking bad interview questions can also put […]

What All Highly Rated CEOs Have in Common

Have you ever wondered what makes great leaders great? Exactly which qualities do winning CEOs have that others don’t? Since 2013, Glassdoor has published our annual Highest Rated CEOs Employee’s Choice Awards, and we’ve collected a wealth of data on CEO ratings along with all the other ratings on Glassdoor. Recently our Chief Economist, Andrew […]

How To Rectify 5 Common Leadership Wrongs

Wave-making, destabilizing and discouraging behavior brands managers as bad bosses and compels top employees to jump the employer ship. Conversely, leaders who exude brand sizzle founded on confidence, wisdom and encouragement drive top talent to their door, maintaining a steady ship, even among rough waters. Here are five damaging leadership traits and ways to rectify […]

How to Recruit Informed Candidates at Scale

There's nothing more satisfying than closing the perfect candidate. But getting from job posting to offer doesn't come easily. For each position, you've screened dozens, if not hundreds of applicants: research shows that 98% of job seekers are eliminated at the initial screening.(1) And it's taken time: according to Glassdoor Economic Research, the average time […]

6 Salary Questions All Managers Should Be Prepared to Answer

You might think that once a candidate has signed their offer letter, their salary questions are over. But even after you've sorted out an employee's starting salary, managers should expect to answer salary and bonus questions throughout their tenure at the company. With more access to salary information than ever, employees expect transparency around pay, […]

How to Identify Employee Turnover Issues

If you’re anything like more than half of companies, the issue of employee turnover keeps you up at night. And if you ask me, that’s not at all extreme or dramatic. Your people are the lifeblood of your organization and therefore are a major priority when planning the future of the business, whether you’re a […]

The Gender Pay Gap: Working Without Pay for 94 Days

What if for the first 94 days of a new year, half of the population worked for free while the other half earned a salary? You might be thinking that would never happen, but stop and consider why April 4 was chosen as Equal Pay Day by the National Committee on Pay Equity. This date […]

How to Ensure Superstar Employees Don't Get Bored and Resign

Employees are paid a financial reward for the time, energy and effort they deliver for an employer. In many cases, the financial reward is enough to lure employees back to work day after day, week after week – but what happens when it no longer is? Most employers expect their human resources to gut it […]

How to Recruit Employees from Other Companies

Your company is only as good as its employees, which is why recruiting top-notch talent is always imperative. Sometimes that talent works at the competitor and that’s where poaching comes in. Just like recruiting is an art form, so is poaching. Do it right and you can have a dedicated, long-term employee. Do it wrong and that […]