How to Really Improve Your Diversity Recruitment Initiatives

Diversity. It comes up a lot in the world of HR. Beyond acknowledging a hot topic or ensuring legal compliance, increasing the diversity of your workforce is just plain good for business. Diverse teams work more effectively, and your hiring process is integral to building an organization that’s rich in diversity. But what steps can […]

4 Reasons Company Diversity Issues Persist and How to Resolve Them

In 2014, Google released their employee diversity statistics for the first time, revealing that only two percent of their employees were African Americans. It was upsetting to realize that a powerful company that has been branded as representing innovation and information sharing does not hire more African American technology professionals. While Google benefits from minorities […]

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Struggling to Kick Off Diversity & Inclusion Efforts? Start With This Checklist

In a country that is more diverse than ever before — and will only become more so over time — it’s no surprise that companies are placing an increased importance on diversity and inclusion efforts. After all, not only do diverse companies tend to perform better financially and create more innovative solutions; creating a more diverse workplace is […]

4 Important Lessons on Diversity & Inclusion from Zootopia

Congrats to Zootopia for winning an Oscar for Best Animated Feature! We’re guessing you’ve seen it by now – but if you haven’t, rent it tonight. It’s a lot of fun, and offers a few timely lessons and reflections on the current state of diversity and inclusion. There are places where it falls short; for […]

Inclusion Begets Retention in 2019

Diversity matters. So does inclusion. But many employers struggle to properly address both so that one agenda doesn’t push the other aside — and it’s costing them talented players, productivity, and revenue. What’s the difference? Simply put, diversity is often used to put people in seats, and inclusion helps to keep them there. Of course, […]

How CEOs Can Create Age-Diverse Companies

Age discrimination in the workplace has been illegal in the U.S. for more more than 50 years. But that hasn’t stopped an epidemic of ageism in many aspects of work, from hiring to firing. While many workplace cultures would frown on stereotyping based on race or gender, negative perceptions about older workers persist, and many companies blatantly […]


How to Prioritize Diversity Recruiting

Have you given any thought to whether you have the right team in place to keep up with your competition, compete in the marketplace, innovate or propel your organization’s future growth? If you take a look at your company’s road map over the next few months (or years), chances are you’ll be facing multiple product […]

The Blind Hiring Process: What It Is & How to Do It?

Having a recruitment strategy that promotes diverse hiring is not only good for society, but the business case for diverse teams is stronger than ever. A survey by Mckinsey revealed that companies with gender diversity at the executive level were 21% more profitable compared to those without diversity. While the impact of diverse hiring is […]

Inside the Winning Recruiting Strategy of Language-Learning App Babbel

Discrimination and intolerance in the workplace continue to be widespread. Babbel is a positive counterexample. There, diversity is understood holistically and is reflected both in the corporate culture and in the product. Diversity and inclusion also play a major role in recruiting at the company behind the language-learning app with the same name. We discussed […]


How Diversity Fuels Innovation

There’s been a lot of attention lately on the topic of diversity: in society, in the workplace, in business, and—particularly for women—in the technology industry. As a woman who’s made her career in tech, I’ve certainly felt a major shift in attitudes over the years—both in others and also personally. When I first started in […]

Facebook Interview

Facebook’s Head of Diversity: There Should Be a Diverse Candidate for Every Open Role

“When we talk about diversity, we’re not talking about ticking boxes.” Cutting straight to the point, Facebook’s Global Head of Diversity Maxine Williams knows full well the preconceived notions and hushed opinions of those who question corporate diversity initiatives. “We’re not talking about doing things because we have to,” says Williams, “we are talking about […]