4 Ways to Take Your Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Program to the Next Level

At this year's annual Glassdoor Recruit - a can't-miss conference for talent acquisition professionals - Glassdoor Content Marketing Director Amy Elisa Jackson leveled with the audience during the "Beyond the ROI Argument for Diversity and Inclusion" panel discussion: We all understand the importance of diversity when it comes to its return on investment, she said. […]

Diversity and inclusion: not (just) HR's job

If your company wants to improve diversity, but management's approach is to leave it up to the hiring managers, you're missing out on the benefits of a truly inclusive and diverse culture. Every employee and department should play a part in creating a more inclusive workplace. Real talk: If this is a company-wide goal, it […]

How to Hire a Head of Diversity or Chief Diversity Officer

A Head of Diversity or Chief Diversity Officer is fundamental to the success of a diversity and inclusion initiative within your organization. The defining role of a Chief Diversity Officer or Head of Diversity is to lead the charge in creating a vision of an equitable and inclusive future and will be held accountable for […]

How to Really Improve Your Diversity Recruitment Initiatives

Diversity. It comes up a lot in the world of HR. Beyond acknowledging a hot topic or ensuring legal compliance, increasing the diversity of your workforce is just plain good for business. Diverse teams work more effectively, and your hiring process is integral to building an organization that's rich in diversity. But what steps can […]

How to Show Candidates You're Diverse

If you're like most industry-leading organizations, you've already revamped your website and policies to be more inclusive and you're working hard (and having hard conversations) to make sure you're addressing any deficiencies in diversity within your company. So, why go the extra step to highlight your diversity and inclusion efforts in your interview process? It's […]

Quita Highsmith Chief Diversity Officer At Genentech On Diversity & Inclusion

2020 has been a year of change. With the emergence of COVID-19, racial injustices and systemic racism, companies have been forced to further develop and champion their diversity and inclusion (D&I) programming.  Genentech believes that embracing D&I means fostering belonging within our own walls, advancing inclusive research and health equity in our industry at-large and […]

4 Reasons Company Diversity Issues Persist and How to Resolve Them

In 2014, Google released their employee diversity statistics for the first time, revealing that only two percent of their employees were African Americans. It was upsetting to realize that a powerful company that has been branded as representing innovation and information sharing does not hire more African American technology professionals. While Google benefits from minorities […]

Struggling to Kick Off Diversity & Inclusion Efforts? Start With This Checklist

In a country that is more diverse than ever before - and will only become more so over time - it's no surprise that companies are placing an increased importance on diversity and inclusion efforts. After all, not only do diverse companies tend to perform better financially and create more innovative solutions; creating a more diverse workplace is […]

Inclusion Begets Retention in 2019

Diversity matters. So does inclusion. But many employers struggle to properly address both so that one agenda doesn't push the other aside - and it's costing them talented players, productivity, and revenue. What's the difference? Simply put, diversity is often used to put people in seats, and inclusion helps to keep them there. Of course, […]

Diversity Wins: Why D&I Matters More Than Ever

We've known for a long time that strong diversity and inclusion within companies is a powerful enabler of business performance. But new research from McKinsey shows that companies whose leaders welcome diverse talents and include multiple perspectives are likely to emerge from the pandemic crisis stronger. If companies deprioritize D&I during the crisis, the impact […]