5 Ways Groupon Took Employer Branding to the Next Level

Employer branding is like an art, and just like an artist, it takes some work to master your craft. Recently, Groupon decided to dust off its paintbrushes and get to work, painting the picture of its vivid company culture to job seekers. The Story Behind Groupon You’ve most likely used Groupon. Groupon is based in […]

Employees' Choice Award Winner Stryker Values Employee Feedback

Since Glassdoor announced the Best Places to Work in 2014, the 50 large companies and the 50 medium-sized companies on each list have gotten creative when it comes to telling the world all about this unique win, a testament to each company’s reputation among employees. People love working at Stryker With 25,000+ employees and hundreds […]

How To Manage Multi Generational Workforces

All generations have differences in the way they do things, but for companies trying to manage a multi generational workforce those differences can make it impossible. On the one hand baby boomers who were supposed to retire are hanging on to their jobs for longer, angering Generation Xers who were next in line for those […]

Does Social Recruiting Really Work?

While most companies now recruit job candidates through social networking sites, screening applicants with such sites hasn’t caught on nearly as much, according to a recent SHRM study—and maybe that’s a good thing. Three new studies from social science researchers underscore how tricky it can be to make judgments about employability from what’s online. In […]

How to Hire a Well Oiled Machine of Workers

From skill gaps to job hopping, companies across the country face a plethora of challenges in hiring and creating that well-oiled workforce. While the problems will vary from one company to the next, there are a few challenges that businesses of all sizes face. How they overcome them, will mean the difference between a successful […]

Box Gains 2X Greater Influence Over Millennial Job Seekers in the Bay Area

Competing for quality candidates is already a challenge but tech recruiting in the San Francisco Bay Area is near to impossible without a killer recruiting strategy. Box is a Bay Area company making a name for itself as an employer and as a company to watch. CEO, Aaron Levie, was named entrepreneur of the year […]

Can You Ask That Interview Question?

You’re interviewing a job candidate you really want to hire and you’re getting along great. Out of pure curiosity as part of your conversation, you ask her, “Are you married?” Oops. You just stepped on one of the legal confines that are part of the interview process. There are numerous questions you are prohibited from asking […]

How to Hire Military Veterans

I noticed Jessica Miller-Merrell’s post last year on How To Recruit Veterans, and it got me thinking. I was raised in the Air Force (my Dad flew in B-52’s), and throughout my family and my wife’s family there are many, many veterans. As a result, it is not just a practical matter, but an emotional […]

How Sodexo Approaches Social & Mobile Recruiting

In February 2012, Sodexo launched a mobile app designed to tie all of the company’s social recruiting efforts together. The app, available to iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry users, sought to better help candidates to engage with Sodexo’s recruiters on all its social networks as well as search and apply for jobs straight from their […]

Top 10 Social Recruiters, Glassdoor Talent Warriors

Glassdoor is revealing the winners of this year’s Glassdoor Talent Warrior Awards, a list that recognizes the 10 most innovative social recruiters. The Glassdoor Talent Warrior Awards honor recruiting and HR industry leaders for excellence in social recruiting specific to hiring and promoting their company’s employment brand. The Talent Warriors were selected by Glassdoor’s Social Leaders […]

Does Walmart’s Employment Brand Sync Up With Workplace Reputation?

Glassdoor is setting out to examine several Fortune 500 companies to see how their employment branding efforts sync up with workplace reputation. We are looking to answer the question: does the company’s value proposition to job seekers complement what employees appreciate or does it contradict what they feel needs to be worked on?