How Small Businesses Can Encourage Job Seekers to Apply to Open Jobs

Four out of five people go online when searching for a job, and 85 percent of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. In other words, reviews matter. In fact, the information job seekers glean from Glassdoor often comes out during interviews. “Almost all of our candidates mention our Glassdoor page and/or reviews […]

The Best HR and Recruiting Twitter Chats to Follow

The HR and recruiting industry is always changing - and quickly. As soon as you change your strategy to accommodate for one industry trend, it seems a new one has  arisen. A great way to keep up with these trends and get answers to your most burning questions is to participate in Twitter chats. We’ve […]

The New Employer Center: How It Works

Glassdoor's new Employer's Center will help you take both hiring and your employer reputation to the next level. We heard you wanted to get around faster, have more control over your profile and jobs, and better access your Employer Center on-the-go, and that's exactly what the new Employer Center will help you do.  If you're […]

5 Ways Groupon Took Employer Branding to the Next Level

Employer branding is like an art, and just like an artist, it takes some work to master your craft. Recently, Groupon decided to dust off its paintbrushes and get to work, painting the picture of its vivid company culture to job seekers. The Story Behind Groupon You’ve most likely used Groupon. Groupon is based in […]

3 Strategies for Acing Remote Workforce Onboarding

When you hire someone new, there’s always a chance they won’t last. In fact, nearly 30% of employees will leave their position within 90 days of coming aboard, and the same could be true for your remote staff. This turnover isn’t just expensive — it can also be quite a blow to an organization’s prestige.  […]

How to Accommodate Deaf and Hard of Hearing Employees

Any employer with 15 or more employees is subject to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). One of the major groups that must be accommodated per the ADA is the deaf and hard of hearing community. There are no exact, up-to-date numbers on how many people in the US are deaf and hard of hearing. […]

4 Hot Recruiting Technologies That Help You Attract Top Candidates

You've heard of applicant tracking systems. But what about recruitment chatbots? Or de-biasing software? As the hiring process becomes increasingly digitized, companies are scrambling to provide a whole new array of tools for hiring managers and recruiters hoping to streamline hiring. 75 percent of large companies already use an applicant tracking system, according to Capterra, […]

5 More Reasons To Recruit Veterans

I recently talked about how to recruit veterans and if you had a chance to read that post, you know that the number of ways to do so is growing as more and more service men and women are coming home. But just as vast as the number of ways to recruit veterans is the number […]

3 Hiring Practices That May Soon Replace Job Interviews

Selection processes that consist of merely an unstructured interview are a poor predictor of success, yet an interview is still the candidate assessment tool of choice for many hiring managers. Understandably, these decision-makers want to meet applicants before extending job offers and feel this is the best way to get to know a potential employee. […]

Christy Turlington's New TED Talk and Why Every Mother Counts

The 2017 TED Women’s conference was held in New Orleans this year and I was thrilled to be among those in the audience. Imagine my delight when one of the speakers, Christy Turlington Burns – advocate and social entrepreneur – happened to sit down in the audience in the seat next to me for the second […]

Preparing for National Career Development Month

Coast to coast, professionals across North America will be celebrating their careers as they participate in National Career Development Month. In synchrony with this event, your organization has an opportunity to create something meaningful and support your people’s development! Interested in learning how you could create a great month dedicated to your employee’s career? Here […]