Rockstar Recruiter Series: Cisco

My name is Elaine McCarthy and I am a Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist. On a day to day basis, I look after end to end recruitment at Cisco for Java, C++, Python, and QA professional (with other development roles thrown in) in the EMEAR market. I am extremely passionate about sourcing and finding the best […]

5 Ways Groupon Took Employer Branding to the Next Level

Employer branding is like an art, and just like an artist, it takes some work to master your craft. Recently, Groupon decided to dust off its paintbrushes and get to work, painting the picture of its vivid company culture to job seekers. The Story Behind Groupon You’ve most likely used Groupon. Groupon is based in […]

How to Design a Brand-Building Intern Experience

As the competition heats up for early career talent, the most strategic business leaders are utilizing their intern programs to create a talent pipeline for entry-level hiring. According to a survey by Michigan State University's Collegiate Employment Research Institute, 57% of companies say the primary purpose of internship programs is to develop talent for full-time employment. In […]

How to Get Your Company Featured on the Glassdoor Blog

Over the past few months, we have highlighted companies each week on the Glassdoor Blog that are currently hiring. These listicles (get it: list + article) have been wildly popular with job seekers and employees thanks to our email newsletter, social media and interest from the news media. Plus, many employers have seen an instant increase […]

Recruiting Veterans Can Improve Your Company's Bottom Line — Here's How to Do It

What are your company’s biggest goals right now — building out a core product, improving customer service, growing your client base? When looking at employers’ top priorities, it’s rare to find hiring more veterans among them. But when you hear what Mike Hansen, National Director of Military Affairs at Power Home Remodeling, has to say, […]

Pay transparency isn't "one size fits all"

Despite the benefits of pay transparency, many companies are reluctant to fully embrace it. Maybe you have leaders who don't support it or you're in an industry where pay secrecy is still the norm. Whatever the reasons, salary transparency is not a one-size-fits-all solution. There are many ways to make strides in equality, equity, and fairness […]

Announcing Glassdoor Chicago's New Offices

We’re thrilled to announce the opening of our new Chicago office at 1330 West Fulton – a brand-new, modern and eco-conscious space located in the Fulton Market neighborhood. Architected in collaboration with Skender Construction and design firm Valerio Dewalt Train Associates, the 52,000-square-foot, LEED-certified building incorporates Chicago themes throughout its design, including sweeping views of […]

7 Best Practices for Glassdoor Company Updates

There's nothing quite like a timely hook to convince a job seeker that your company is where they want to work - that's where Company Updates on Glassdoor come in. By posting compelling content regularly, you can give potential future candidates an even deeper view into your company culture, values and personality. So if you […]

5 More Reasons To Recruit Veterans

I recently talked about how to recruit veterans and if you had a chance to read that post, you know that the number of ways to do so is growing as more and more service men and women are coming home. But just as vast as the number of ways to recruit veterans is the number […]

The Top 8 Company Profiles on Glassdoor

There’s no doubt about it: an authentic, well-defined employer brand is essential to recruiting and retaining quality talent in today’s fast-changing labor market. That’s because a strong employer brand helps your company show candidates why they’d want to work for you and move them down the funnel. In fact, job seekers are 2x more likely […]

How to Develop Your Company Compensation Philosophy

As organizations become more public about their practices regarding equal pay, the topic of salary transparency will begin to enter the mainstream. Companies can strengthen their employer brands by demonstrating a commitment to equal pay and salary transparency. What is a Compensation Philosophy? A compensation philosophy is a formal statement that explains the "why" of […]

Leadership Who Encourage Storytelling Build More Relatable Brands

Why is telling meaningful, rich and compelling stories important to a company's future? Because earning a brand name that attracts, versus repels current and future customers and employees is crucial to a company's bottom line. In order to stay financially healthy and as importantly, to expand their footprint in the marketplace, companies must be proactively competitive with their storytelling. Here's how to do it.