3 Common Mistakes When Hiring International Employees

Sometimes an American business needs to hire foreign employees. Perhaps they need seasonal workers for positions that US citizens are less interested in, like agricultural labor positions, food service positions, or other service jobs. Or perhaps they need somebody with skills that are rare in the US, like highly technical knowledge such as a mastery […]

This is their voice: A musical rundown of what your talent wants and needs

We recently conducted research to learn if employers and talent are singing the same songs. There's good news: 80% of employees are happy most of the time. But, here's the chart-stopper: 58% of the happiest employees are still looking for or are open to new opportunities. Cue the record scratch moment. But, there's a fix. […]

7 Small Business Hiring Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

When you run a small business, you can’t afford to make mistakes. Every client interaction, product and invoice reflects on you and your company, and one bad experience can make or break your reputation. And that’s why, even though growing your business is a good thing, it’s natural to feel a lot of pressure when […]

Four Lessons in Helping a Colleague Through Gender Transition at Work

I am a cis, straight, Caucasian male. I am an ally and advocate for my LGBTQ+ colleagues, but simply haven't faced the same challenges in the workplace. Despite corporate America's focus on inclusion, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) found that 46 percent of our LGBTQ+ colleagues are still not out in their places of work. […]

4 must-haves for your employer branding checklist

You'll probably find good pay near the top of every list of what employees want from a job, but it's not always the main reason your employees are happy. Our research shows that workers across the globe are most motivated by culture and values, leadership, and growth opportunities. You know - those buzzy terms that […]

How to Use Instagram to Build Your Employer Brand

Chances are, regardless of where you work, that a decent number of your employees are on Instagram. After all, Instagram was the fastest growing social network among U.S. adults last year and boasts more than 300M users, so its path to ubiquity seems unstoppable. At HubSpot, we are an inbound marketing software company, so it’s […]

Ultimate Guide to Conducting Interviews

Glassdoor’s guide to conducting interviews covers everything you need to know to assess candidates for skill, interest and potential, while keeping the process free of bias for a diverse range of workers.

AI In Recruiting: What It Means for Talent Acquisition

AI has made headlines for the last several years as the greatest innovation since the steam engine. But what exactly does that mean for recruiting teams? You are likely familiar with AI’s many accomplishments in the consumer world: Amazon Alexa, Google Maps, and IBM Watson on ‘Jeopardy!’, to name a few. But beneath the hype of […]

The One Way to Eliminate Your Company's Gender Pay Gap

In an era where the #MeToo movement, politicians and celebrities are increasingly shining a light on gender inequality in the workplace, the gender pay gap is a more relevant topic than ever. This is especially the case when we recognize Equal Pay Day — the date on which the average women’s earnings finally catch up […]

How to Hire Commission-Only Sales Reps

Commission-only sales reps are highly motivated and talented salespeople who make their living on their ability to close deals. Hiring the right folks for this position is critically important for your business - but before you post your job online, there are some nuances you need to understand. Wondering how to hire sales reps? This […]