4 Management Styles to Strive for, and 4 to Avoid

Growing up, a few of my baseball coaches were some of the most ruthless and demanding people I’ve ever met. They used fear to push my team to our physical and emotional limits, intimidated us with cruel ultimatums and didn’t really seem to care about us as people. They did everything they could to win — […]

16 Job Interview Questions to Ask a Sales Manager Candidate

Usually, when individual contributors get promoted to management, they teach their direct reports their secrets for success, use many of the same skills they did in their previous jobs, and get a salary bump. Sales manager might be one of the only promotions where the job differs dramatically from the individual contributor role and necessitates […]

Managers Getting Bad Reviews? 3 Steps to Improve Employee Sentiment

No one wants to refresh their company's Glassdoor page to see a negative review of a manager. But, let's be honest, even the most forward-thinking, productive, and professional company can experience a bad review sometimes. The problem is not always that there's a bad review - it's that a bad review may be a symptom […]

6 Ways to Develop a Great Working Relationship With Hiring Managers

Often, the most challenging part of the interview process isn’t sourcing qualified candidates, holding phone screens or negotiating a starting salary — it’s working with the hiring managers themselves. In fact, Jobvite’s 2017 Recruiter Nation report revealed that the two biggest bottlenecks in the recruiting process are hiring managers failing to move candidates through the hiring […]

How to Hire Inventory Managers

Inventory managers are responsible for ordering and purchasing products and materials for businesses of all sizes, while also managing warehouses or similar facilities. From monitoring suppliers to ordering products, your inventory managers are essential for ensuring you have enough product to meet customer demand. This post will show you: How to define inventory manager responsibilities […]

How To Coach Hiring Managers Through the 5 Steps of the Hiring Process

What could recruiters do if they didn't spend half their time screening and scheduling applicants? With AI and automation removing many time-consuming tasks from a recruiter's day, recruiters will find themselves with more time to focus on different parts of the TA organization. They can be especially effective as advisors and coaches to hiring managers; […]

How Bad Managers Hurt Retention

Middle managers may feel powerless in corporate America, but they yield more influence than they and their companies may think. Unfortunately some of that influence is resulting in good employees walking out the door, costing companies thousands of dollars in lost productivity. “A lot of studies show the main reason people leave jobs is because […]

3,100+ Companies Committed to Equal Pay

Today, on Equal Pay Day, we recognize how much longer U.S. women must work before they’ve caught up to what their male counterparts have earned the previous year. With a 24.1 percent lower base pay than men on average, women in the U.S. must essentially work about three full months to strike even. Some estimates […]

15 Interview Questions to Ask When Hiring a Manager

Interviewing a potential manager is different from questioning a front-line office worker. The manager will be supervising, mentoring, guiding, shaping and evaluating their employee at various times in the relationship. They also have a finger on the pulse of culture, if they're doing their job well, and a vision towards the future. Moreover, bottom line […]

Team Performance Issues? 4 Signs That Your Management Is the Problem

The day you were promoted to being a manager was arguably the best day of your life. So, now that you’ve finally gotten your chance to lead, why are you so stressed out and disappointed in how your team is performing? There’s a lot to celebrate about becoming a manager for the first time, but […]

How to Build a Highly Effective Feedback Program

In my past experience, the HR department has generally been fairly robust with a ratio of about 60 employees to one HR partner. But at BetterCloud, we’ve been doing just fine with a ratio of 1:125 and growing. Why? It all has to do with being proactive and efficient in activities normally viewed as an […]