Here's What Your Turnover and Retention Rates Should Look Like

According to the 2021 Bureau of Labor Statics report, the annual total separations rate or turnover rate in 2020 was 57.3 percent. If you are an HR manager, you might look at that number and compare it to your company's rate and make a simple calculation: if your number is lower, you're doing great, but […]

7 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Staff Retention

How do you keep your best employees? How do you reduce labor turnover and the cost of hiring new people? What can you do to better engage your staff and keep them satisfied? If you ask these questions, you’re definitely not alone. About 78% of business leaders consider employee retention to be important. According to […]

Hiring Informed Candidates On Glassdoor Boosts Retention & Can Save Thousands

Average employee tenure is just over four years (1) and has been declining since 2014. As a result, employee retention is a critical factor for organizations of all sizes. Glassdoor has released new survey data (2) which reveals employers can increase retention rates by hiring candidates that take the time to research a job and company […]

Retention Starts Before Recruiting

If you want to keep an employee for the long haul then you had better have a retention strategy in place before the recruitment begins. Many companies treat retention as an afterthought, focusing all the efforts on recruiting the key employee. But if they want that person to stay more than three to six months they need to have […]

The Retention Secrets & Strategies of Top CEOs

In today’s labor market with a 20-year-low unemployment rate, it is imperative for companies to retain top talent. Gone are the days when employee turnover was a cost of doing business. In fact, retention has become just as important as recruiting. “Workers aren't as interchangeable and easy-to-replace in today's tech-focused workforce, as in past generations,” […]

Employee Retention: The Unsung Hero of Great Company Culture

In the current economic climate, there’s a lot of talk about recruitment marketing and talent acquisition – what it takes to find great candidates, stay on top key trends in recruiting, and how to make sense of HR and recruiting statistics. These topics are pertinent and timely – they’re the shiny object that draws your attention. […]

10 Executive-Approved Retention Strategies

For every company, talented employees are just like great perfume - everybody benefits from their presence, and you want that pleasant fragrance to last as long as possible. But just like perfume, great employees can dissipate into thin air. And with high turnover rates comes high turnover costs. In 2018, workers in the U.S. quit at […]

How to Screen for Retention in a Recession

In a recession, it's more crucial than ever that your business is proactive about retention and being known as a great place to work so you draw the savviest of job seekers from a pool that's larger than ever. Here's what to look for on a candidate's application and what to listen for in a screening interview.

Here's What You Missed at Glassdoor Recruit 2018

At Glassdoor, we know that a company is only as good as its people — that’s why we’re passionate about helping employers recruit candidates who are the perfect fit for their company. And while we carry out this task every day with our products and services, there’s one day a year where we really go […]

How Bad Managers Hurt Retention

Middle managers may feel powerless in corporate America, but they yield more influence than they and their companies may think. Unfortunately some of that influence is resulting in good employees walking out the door, costing companies thousands of dollars in lost productivity. “A lot of studies show the main reason people leave jobs is because […]

Hiring for Keeps: How to Reduce Churn and Retain Your Best Hires

If there’s anyone more hopeful than a new employee showing up to her first day on the job, it’s the hiring manager who offered it to her. Call us hopeless romantics, but we think there’s something really special about a candidate and a company coming to an agreement and choosing to embark on a relationship […]