4 Workplace Benefits It Pays to Be Generous With

When we think about compensation at work, it's not just salary we need to consider. The benefits employees receive make up a big part of their total package, and if you're a business owner, it's important to acknowledge their significance. At the same time, since these benefits do cost money, it's crucial to focus on those that will have […]

10 Ways to Hire Great Candidates During the Holidays

Focusing on holiday cheer this time of year is natural. Virtually everyone is immersed in party planning, gift buying, vacationing and more, so your next great candidate may not be considering a job interview an imperative at the moment. So how can you package an opportunity amid holiday festivities that will entice your top candidates […]

6 HR & Recruiting Stats You Need to Know for 2018 (and Beyond!)

Diversity and inclusion. Maternity and paternity leave. Company wellness programs. These are just a few areas where major changes in thought and practice in HR and recruiting took place in 2017. Going into 2018, it’s crucial for employers to be aware of the trends that are shaping employee hiring and retention. As HR becomes increasingly […]

How to Use Benefits to Recruit and Retain

Benefits matter a lot when it comes to recruiting and retaining talent yet many companies don't use that to their advantage. They'll spend a fortune on all their offerings but fail to highlight it in their recruiting material and even worse make it too hard for employees to take advantage of the benefits once they […]

3,100+ Companies Committed to Equal Pay

Today, on Equal Pay Day, we recognize how much longer U.S. women must work before they’ve caught up to what their male counterparts have earned the previous year. With a 24.1 percent lower base pay than men on average, women in the U.S. must essentially work about three full months to strike even. Some estimates […]

How to Plan a Productive Workation With Your Team

Last week I was on workation in Italy, and those were probably the most productive days of my life. Together with my team, we spent four days in a winery in Tuscany. Not only did we make all our social media friends jealous and drank a lot of wine, but we also got a serious […]

How to Give Your Employees a Benefits Package They Really Want

If you’re a growing company, offering benefits is an important step in increasing your ability to hire and retain talented employees. After all, a Glassdoor poll found that 57 percent of job candidates say that benefits and perks are among their top considerations before accepting a new role. And another Glassdoor survey showed that nearly […]

How To Make Sure Your Benefits Outrank Competitors'

In a job seeker’s market — that is, when there are more jobs than people looking for them — qualified candidates can afford to be picky about the jobs they apply to and interview for. Suddenly your company is trying desperately to attract candidates for the job. One way you can be more appealing to the types of […]