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Isn't Glassdoor just a site for disgruntled former employees to vent or rant?

No. In fact, our surveys show that 70% of employees on Glassdoor say they are “OK” or “Satisfied” with their job and company. Meanwhile, the average company rating is 3.4 (on a scale of 1-5). Rather than simply find fault, we encourage our members to be balanced in their approach. For example, reviews should include the best reasons to work for their employer as well as insight on areas or policies that could be improved.

Can anybody post anything they want?

No. Glassdoor's Community Guidelines clearly outline what is acceptable and what constitutes activity that may cause content to be removed. For example, we ask members to keep confidential company information confidential, be respectful of others and offer a balanced approach in their reviews.

How are reviews and other content moderated?

To ensure the most authentic, transparent and valuable information is available to job seekers while balancing fairness to employers, Glassdoor follows a series of principles and guidelines.

  • We don't edit or alter content submitted on our site
  • We moderate content using both technology and human review
  • We use technology filters and algorithms to detect fraud and gaming
  • We remove content if we have evidence members were incentivized to leave it
  • We do not allow employers to edit or alter reviews
  • We allow Glassdoor members and employers to flag reviews or content for further review

Can employers manipulate or remove reviews?

No. Employers can respond to company reviews—accentuating positive comments while addressing criticism in a non-defensive voice—but can't delete, edit or reorder reviews. For information on our Legal policies, we invite you to read our Legal FAQs.

Do employers have a voice on Glassdoor?

Yes. Signing up for a Glassdoor Free Employer Account lets an employer join the conversation, answer reviews, update important company information (like benefits), flag content for further review and post workplace photos that show off company culture.

Is Glassdoor only for job seekers?

Glassdoor helps both job seekers and employers alike. Employers can target and influence job seekers when they're making decisions where to apply or what job offer to accept.

Do only younger workers and Millennials use Glassdoor?

No. Job seekers of all ages and backgrounds are now researching companies online on Glassdoor.

Can you pay Glassdoor to be chosen a “Glassdoor Best Place to Work”?

No. Our methodology for our annual Employees' Choice Awards, a list of the Best Places to Work, is based solely on the quality of reviews and employee experiences with each company. Learn more by emailing

Can Glassdoor uncover who wrote a negative review about my company?

No. Reviews and salary reports shared by our members are completely anonymous. Employers can respond to reviews but are not able to identify the source.

Can employers ask employees to write reviews?

Yes. We heartily encourage employees, including senior management, to write reviews about their company, salary information and other topics. Besides improving employee engagement and creating internal brand ambassadors, providing this “inside view” is a great way to help job seekers decide if the company is a good fit. However, it is strictly against Glassdoor guidelines to offer incentives in exchange for company reviews. Click here to download a template that you can send to employees and encourage them to share anonymous work experiences on Glassdoor.

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