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How Glassdoor Works

Hire informed candidates on the #2 job site.*

50M job seekers are researching if they are a good fit, so you don't have to.

* comScore Media Matrix, December 2017

The best candidates are informed candidates.

Recruit talent on Glassdoor to connect with informed candidates - the ones who are more prepared, more likely to be hired and more likely to stick around longer. Job seekers are reading Glassdoor's 38M+ reviews and insights to find all the information they need so they can find the jobs and companies that are the best fit.

The #1 reason people come to Glassdoor is to search for jobs.*

* Glassdoor site survey, January 2016

The Glassdoor recruiting solution is built from 3 pillars, all designed to deliver your company informed candidates at scale.

Hires that use Glassdoor have a 30% greater retention rate.*

* 2017 Glassdoor Employer Retention Study

Glassdoor candidates make informed decisions and choose a company that's right for them. As a result, we've seen a significant increase on our retention rates from Glassdoor hires.
Anthony Rhoton, Senior Director, Talent Acquisition
Compass One Healthcare

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