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How Glassdoor Works

Glassdoor helps companies of all sizes and industries hire top talent. Build your employer brand and advertise your jobs to a community of tens of millions of job seekers every month. Get started today.

Employer Branding

Your Glassdoor Free Employer Account allows you to update important company information, respond to reviews, and see vital metrics such as your company and CEO ratings.

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An Enhanced Profile allows you to fully customize your Glassdoor company profile, and provides powerful tools to better promote your jobs, access to advanced analytics and more.

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Job Advertising

Tens of millions of job seekers come to Glassdoor each month to research companies and apply for jobs. Post your jobs on Glassdoor and receive 2x better applicant quality and as much as a 30% lower cost-per-hire compared to traditional job boards.*

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* Source: Brandon Hall Group, 2014

Display Advertising

We help you get the most out of your recruiting budget by offering innovative advertising solutions. With Glassdoor display ads, you can target job seekers at the right place and right time - you can even promote your jobs on competitor's profiles.

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