1-800-Contacts Increases Job Seeker Awareness by 10x

1-800 CONTACTS is the largest retailer of contact lenses in the United States. They have close to 1,000 employees and deliver more than 200,000 contact lenses every day directly to customers. Their decision to partner with Glassdoor was initially a defensive one after seeing a negative review.


"Glassdoor is an affordable way to present your opportunities."


Better Applicant Quality

Hiring several qualified glass technician candidates


Recommend Working There

Influence over candidate decisions


Increased Awareness

As measured by monthly page views to profile


  • Build out employer branding and promote company culture.
  • Counter balance negative reviews.
  • Find low cost solution for hiring/branding.


Job Ads: Target quality candidates for hard-to-fill positions.

Enhanced Profile: Show job seekers what openings are available, incorporate company photos and videos, share the latest company updates to paint an
accurate picture of culture.

"Glassdoor is an affordable way to present your opportunities. It’s an open forum that allows users to present their opinions and employers to tell their story. You are given the real estate to present your company well at a low cost."

Rod Lacy, VP of Human Resources