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Fast Enterprises, LLC is an industry leader in the development and installation of software for government agencies. FAST is dedicated to problem solving, creating solutions, and maintaining strong partnerships with government agencies. We help our clients serve the needs of their communities to the best of their ability. By doing this, FAST helps positively affect the lives of millions of customers worldwide.


Increase in Glassdoor Applicants

As measured by candidates who applied through Glassdoor YoY


Increase in Traffic To Profile YoY

December '13 - November '17


Monthly Impressions

Impressions on 5 Selected Competitor Profiles


  • Minimal candidate awareness and brand recognition.
  • Lack of platform for employees to share their experiences.


  • Job Ads: Attract recent graduates and other prospects who are otherwise not familiar with Fast Enterprises by promoting open roles.
  • Enhanced Profile: Showcase a compelling employer brand story through a combination of a ”Why Work for Us” section, Featured Review, and videos. Target 5 competitor profiles to attract individuals on their pages.

"Glassdoor helps continue bigger conversations about what else we can do as an organization. Our team uses the Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work list as an opportunity to learn what other companies are doing and how they are setting themselves apart.”

Lindsey Sittko, HR and Recruiting