Gonzaba Made Four Key Hires Made in Four Months of Partnership With Glassdoor

Gonzaba Medical Group is the Healthcare Model of the Future, dedicated to serving our patients “Como Familia.” The quality care we provide is enhanced through our partnerships with the insurance agent community, who are a vital link between our clinics and patients. Our goal is to help everyone benefit from the value of being part of the Gonzaba family.


Increase in Pageviews

May 2018 - October 2018


Applicants Coming From Glassdoor

Based on total applications Gonzaba received


Increase in Apply Start Rate

May 2018 - October 2018


  • Building brand awareness in a competitive market and industry.
  • Finding qualified candidates with healthcare experience.


  • Job Ads: Target quality candidates and attract talent with relevant experience.
  • Enhanced Profile: Show job seekers what openings are available, incorporate employee photos, share the latest company updates, and showcase a featured review. Attract talent by advertising on competitors pages.

"Glassdoor hires are better because their experience and training are more relatable to our needs and they're also very desirable. Since our partnership began, we've found that around 37% of all applicants have come from Glassdoor. Different than other recruiting sites, there is no one click apply with these candidates, they have taken the time to research our company and culture.”

Brianda Ortiz, Recruiter

Gonzaba Medical Group