ManTech uses Glassdoor to recruit talent and evaluate prospective acquisition targets

ManTech is more than a technology company. We are a company dedicated to service, and we consider our work a part of the public trust. The people of ManTech are privileged to work for the security of the United States, the welfare of our service members and veterans, the protection of our communities, and the cause of better health care.


Informed Applicants from Glassdoor


Decrease in Cost-Per Hires


Increase in Brand Awareness Based on Profile Traffic


  • Identifying quality candidates with a unique skillset.
  • Competing for talent in an oversaturated market.


  • Job Ads: Penetrate the market with open roles and reach candidates on competitor pages.
  • Enhanced Profile: Showcase a compelling employer brand story through a combination of a “Why Work for Us” section, photos, videos, and social media integrations. Leverage analytics within the employer center to understand competitor comparisons, traffic, and audience demographics.

"By partnering with Glassdoor, we're making hires and we're getting candidates that we wouldn't have seen from other recruiting sites. Glassdoor is different than other job boards - you have more career focused individuals that truly take the time to do research and it's attracting the right type of talent. Additionally, by giving candidates a transparent look at what we’re doing at ManTech they can begin to envision themselves working for our company."

Jeff Brody, Chief Human Resources Officer